30 April 2010

A Moment For Madeleine x

Every now and again I think of Madeleine McCann and a wave of what I can only describe as sheer horror washes over me.

Horror that there is such evil in the world that someone would steal a sleeping child from her bed.

Horror that, not too many miles away from where I live, there is a family sentenced to the purgatory which is carrying on with their lives without knowing where their baby girl is.

It's almost exactly three years since Gerry and Kate McCann last saw their beautiful daughter.

Are you going abroad this summer?  I just wondered if perhaps you could print out a small version of the poster above, which includes the all important telephone number, and pop it in your holiday purse?  Just in case.

For more ways to help, visit http://www.findmadeleine.com/ where you will also find a picture of how Madeleine might look now.

Little Madeleine is out there, somewhere, and if as many people as possible are vigilant, one day she will be found.  And she will be.

We cannot do great things, only little things with great love.


28 April 2010


No pictures because I can't bloomin' load any.

When I select 'add image' a different screen comes up with the options to load from 'This Blog', 'Picasa Web Album' or 'URL'.


Is this a Pink Milk problem or is it more widespread?

Please help!

26 April 2010

In The Pink!

I was definitely in the pink yesterday ...

We had such a wonderful day.

The blondies and I went to Leicester Market's Artisan Festival.  Believe it or not, Leicester has one of Europe's largest undercover markets and yesterday it was crammed with stall after stall of art, crafts and food.  A few of the market regulars selling plastic ephemera had obviously slipped through the net; 'artisan' they were not.  However, I spent a lovely couple of hours browsing.

My purchases?

Well, together with the obligatory Melton Mowbray pork pie and some handmade Baileys fudge for handsome hubby, I bought this beautifully hand embroidered brooch ...

The lovely lady, Julia, who made it sells on Folksy as Bodkin And Bead.  Do go and peek at her wares if you can, they're gorgeous.

My other favourite stall was a paper and ceramics stall by a very talented lady called Katie Almond.  Her handcrafted 'high tea' decorative ceramics are stunning.  I didn't have enough money with me to buy one of her beautiful jugs with which I fell utterly in love, so I purchased a pack of her cards ...

Mention too of my pal noodleBubble who had a fabulous stall - hope you had a fruitful day! x

Little soapbox bit now ... I always get a bit deflated, as a jewellery maker, when I see so many jewellery stalls selling mass produced stuff or crap.  As a craft fair organiser, I know only too well that there are about a dozen jewellery makers to every one other craft and they are ALWAYS the first stalls to go at any event. 

There were loads of jewellery stalls at the market yesterday and, in my opinion, only about three were worth a proper look.  One was handmade glass - truly an art, another used recycled paper (gorgeous - a lot more skilled and decorative than it sounds) and the last, sterling silver very similar to my own style.  None of them were particularly cheap but we simply can't compete with plastic beads strung on elastic for £1.50.  I just wish more people would get the 'handmade' quality thing.  Please please please, next time you buy some handmade jewellery, pay special attention to how neatly the beads are wire wrapped, how secure the clasps are and examine the quality and combination of the materials used.  Ask the seller whether it is sterling or silver plate, (plated silver only has a certain life whereas sterling or Thai silver can last forever), what type of glass the beads are and how many they have made of any one style.  It'll be very telling.


Anyway, after our morning's shopping we went to join Handsome Hubby at the Golf Club where he had been playing in a charity competition and had a scrumpilicious lunch of roast chicken and trimmings!  Shopping always makes me peckish!

Before I go, I should like to thank the lovely Jille for this award ...

I get so very flattered when people find my blog interesting enough to follow, not to mention pass an award on to me!  I shall fulfill it's requirements when I've had a wee think!

In the meantime, with my bickering blondies back at school today, my first priority is this ...

Lucky, lucky me!


24 April 2010

Well, That Went Well!


Oh it's so lovely to be back!

Quick synopsis of our holiday in southern Spain ...


Thunderstorms and lashing rain for five days (and sunshine here in the UK, grrr).
Blondie daughter was icky boo.
Blondie son cricked his neck.
Small matter of a volcanic ash cloud.


Lots of crochet and sudoku competitions.
Two days of sun.
Fresh fish for nearly every meal.
Getting one of the first flights back (think I held my breath for most of it though).
Laughter.  A lot of it.  (Nervous hysteria?)

What I Missed Most (in no particular order)

My bed.
My laptop and blog.
My spaniel.
Red meat and vegetables.

Remind us to go to Cornwall next year!

We have actually acquired a new family member too ...

Meet Roger.  He's a bad-tempered clam.

(Don't ask, ash-related anxiety does funny things to the brain!)

Off to catch up on all your doings.


13 April 2010

Adios Amigos!

Essentials nearly packed, we're off tomorrow for a little break.

Fingers crossed it'll be wall to wall sunshine but, just in case it's not, I have squirrelled a contingency plan
into the suitcase ...

Just off to clean the bathrooms in case the plane goes down ... "aah, she was a messy bugger but her toilets were always spotless!" ;-)

Enjoy the sunshine dear friends and I shall see you again very soon.


7 April 2010

A Pile Of Books And A Pile Of Pants

Hello all!

Hope you had a super relaxy Easter.

On Saturday the blondies and I went for a lovely browse at our local library.  If you don't utilise your library, do make the effort and go.  After all, it's where a chunk of your council tax goes!

We came home with two of my Cath Kidston/Tesco shopping bags full of books and dvds!  Gone are the days of a four book limit.  Blondie son was thrilled with his Transformers dvd and pile of boyish fiction and Blondie daughter with her Jacqueline Wilsons and a fabulous 'Making Cards' book.  (One of her cutie pie creations above!)

Bearing in mind my new crochet addiction, I naturally gravitated towards the hobbies section ...

Some of the books are very dated but there are some great projects which are timeless.  I love this rug ...

I daresay though, IF I ever managed to create one similar (!), I should absolutely not allow anyone to tread anywhere near it!!!

I so want to be able to make this top.  I had a very similar Noa Noa one once and literally wore it to bits!

A granny square dog coat anyone?!

Sorry this photo is a bit blurry but my hands were shaking with desire ...


Ha ha!  I think handsome hubby would divorce me if I even threatened to make him that cardi!!!

I also rented two dvds ...

Quickie review for you - Love Happens is easy to watch and simply charming.  The leading man doesn't do anything for me personally but Jennifer Aniston plays a slightly bohemian florist and is gorgeous.  I really enjoyed it (one for the girls really) and recommend it.

Handsome hubby and I are big Ricky Gervais fans - I think The Office was nothing short of genius.  However, in my opinion, The Invention Of Lying was a pile of ...

We couldn't watch it to the end, it was too completely and utterly banal.  Have you ever seen it?

I'm still crocheting madly (when I close my eyes to go to sleep at night, I am actually visualising the stitches - is that normal?).  Lissy Lou, you asked if crochet was difficult.  I say 'yes' but if you stick with it and keep practising something does actually 'click' and patterns suddenly start making sense!  Do try it.

I'm getting faster and neater but there remains heaps of room for improvement!  I got so utterly bored of the raspberry pink wool I had that I ordered some more which, oh joy, came in today's post ...

Guess what I'm off to do now!

Hugs and hooks,


2 April 2010

Ta Da!

I've only gone and crocheted something ...

It's slightly wobbly with the odd iffy bit here and there and it serves absolutely no purpose but I'm thrilled to bits!  It's the first thing I have ever crocheted!  I shall keep practising and practising as I'm well and truly 'hooked' so watch this space!

So, from me and my wonky heart, have a truly wonderful Easter!