31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

Thank you for all your kindness and support throughout 2011.  This little place we call Blogland is a total joy and a huge source of inspiration.  My own life would be far less colourful without it.

Here's wishing you all a year full to the brim of happiness and creativity.

I've cracked open a brand new folder and called it 'Blog Photos 2012'.

Bring it on ...


28 December 2011

Christmas 2011 - Back Online And A Little Bit Rounder!

A very happy 'in between' Christmas and New Year to you all!

I trust you did the decent thing and ate and drank too much!  Oh my, we certainly did.  In fact, do let me know if you see my waistline anywhere because I sure can't find it!

We had the loveliest Christmas Day.  We spent the day at my Mum In Law's with D's brother, his wife and three children.  D's Dad died from cancer in early January five years ago and this is the very first year my Mum In Law has been able to cope with being at home for the festive period.

On Boxing Day, my middle brother and his wife hosted a family buffet.  We've had a difficult year on my side of the family so it was lovely for most of us to get together and have a laugh.

(Message to my two brothers - you will NEVER, EVER beat me at Articulate!!!) *circles hips in jubilant and annoying winner's dance kind of way*

Today?  Well, today I'm staying in my pyjamas and cooking roast beef and yorkshire pudding.  Oh yes, and playing with my bestest Christmas pressie ever ...

My new laptop!!!!

Yay!  I'm back online and raring to go!

She's so pretty and shiny and even has a Cath Kidston sleeping bag! :-)  How lucky am I?

For now, whether you're out braving the crowds or taking it easy with loved ones, have a wonderful day.

Speak soon.


PS.  I've just taken a big swig of coffee and nearly choked on the pine needle that was floating in it!

21 December 2011

Chomping At The Bit ...

Hello, hello, hello!

I've soooo much to show and tell you but I have to wait just a teensy little bit longer ...*

Since we last spoke, I have become an auntie again, the mother of a teenager and turned 40!  D took me to Paris for three days which was absolutely fabulous - I'm dying to show you the photos.

Without the temptation of regular peeks into Blogland, Pinterest etc., I've managed to get nearly almost completely organised for Christmas!  Pressies are all bought (two have been handmade - must do better next year) and wrapped, the fridge and cupboards are full of knock-your-socks-off Stilton, hams for roasting and enough booze to float a very large ship and the house is sort of tidy and bedecked with festive garlands (not tinsel though, I can't bear it - meh!).

Blondie Son finally breaks up from school tomorrow and Blondie Daughter on Friday and, as usual, both schools have crammed as much as they possibly can into the last couple of weeks of term.

All in all, December has so far been a whirl.

*Anyway, without boring you with the details, my dear little laptop, weighted down with 52 viruses (yes, 52!!), is teetering on the edge and awaiting a major rebuild operation in quarantine.  I've been BEREFT without it.  However ...

D received a largish square parcel from the Apple Store yesterday and whisked it off with a knowing look in his eye!!!  It's now wrapped and under the tree with my name on it!!!  Weeeeheeeeeeee!

So my dear friends, please bear with.  I'll be back to catch up with you all very soon but, in the meantime, may I wish you all a simply wonderful Christmas.