3 June 2015

Sloppy Sunday Cowl

I had a deliciously sloppy day on Sunday.  I stayed in my pyjamas all day and crocheted a cowl.  (I'm nothing if not imaginative when it comes to naming my makes!)

It was so simple and enjoyable to make that I thought I'd share the details with you so that you might have a go at crocheting one too.

Before we begin, let's have a little chat about the stitch used.  I crocheted it using half trebles (or half doubles US) in the third loop/back bump.  I think its grown-up name is camel stitch.  It creates a gorgeous drape and very much appeals to my love of the 'knitted look'.  The reverse is actually just as attractive - almost like a knitted moss stitch.  Sadly, this stitch only works when crocheting in the round. :-(

Instead of working your half trebles (half doubles US) in either/both of the two normal loops, you insert your hook through the loop that sits at the back of the stitch, just underneath.  If you tip your work slightly towards you, you should see it.  Be careful not to miss the first one of each round - it can be slightly more tricky to push your hook through than the rest.

As you progress, it gets easier as the 'normal' two loops are pushed forward and the back loops increasingly offer themselves to you.


I used Drops Big Merino (how lovely is that yarn?!) and a 6mm hook.

Chain 100.  Join last and first chain with a slip stitch, taking care not to twist your chain, to create a round.

Chain 2 and work a htr (hdc US) in the same stitch, and then in every stitch in the round.  Slip stitch AROUND the first chain 2 to close your round.  (I think this results in a nice and neat join with no gapes.)

*Chain 2.  Work half trebles (half doubles US) in the third loops, all the way around.  Close the round with a slip stitch around the first chain 2.*

Repeat ** until your cowl is the required height.

To join a new colour, complete your slip stitch at the end of the round and pass a loop of the new colour through the loop on your hook.  Remove hook and place it through the new loop, chain 2 and proceed.

Each colour stripe consisted of five rounds and used approximately half a 50g ball of Drops Big Merino yarn.  I am currently making a second cowl with less colours and anticipate that it will use the best part of four 50g balls in total.


Do let me know if I've forgotten to include anything.

If you choose to make your own cowl and you're on Instagram or Facebook, I'd love it if you linked to me or hashtagged your photo (do hash tags work on Facebook?) with 'sloppysunday' so I can pop by and admire your creation.

Happy hooking.



  1. Such a lovely cowl. Beautiful colours. Never used Drops Big Merino but now I'm tempted.
    Glad you had a lovely Sunday, sloppy or otherwise ;) xx

  2. GORGEOUS ..... just like you x
    I'm going to pin this!
    love Jooles x x x

  3. Thanks Heather. Just in time for me to start tonight with a purchase of Wensleydale Long Wool from this afternoon. In a holiday cottage with no internet so copied now in a coffee shop! x

  4. It looks so soft and drapey Heather. I thought it was knitted. Just beautiful and I love the colours too.
    Jacquie xxx

  5. I thought it was knitted too! It was quite a surprise to see that it was crocheted in the other direction from what I expected! xx

  6. Not to be repetitive but I too thought it was knitted! Who knew? thank you for sharing the pattern and great pictures of it and how you did it. I will be making this and since I don't have any Drops Merino it looks like I will have to order some...dang, I hate ordering new yarn said no fiber person ever! LOL!

  7. It is gorgeous!!!! I love the knitted crochet look!!! xx

  8. Camel stitch? Never heard of it before and yet such a simple stitch. Thanks for sharing my lovely. Love the Forget Me Not and Pistachio. Glorious colors. :)

  9. Must give that stitch a try, no holes crochet stitch - love it!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your pattern lovely lady.
    Marianne x

  11. This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. It's added to my list! 😉

  12. Can you tell us how you are planning to do the four colours, Heather? I have four of the colours you used above already, so it'd be perfect! I adore Drops Big Merino, and it's little siblings, Merino Extra Fine and Baby Merino. They are all so soft, snuggly and machine washable. It's great to see it used more outside of Norway recently.

  13. Hi there, this is my first visit to your blog ....... found due to you & Sandra taking that visit to Lucyland lol! Another crochet blog is aways a fabulous find...... so I'm having a little wander through your place and I love your Sloppy Sunday Cowl with the "knitted" look! You are correct is saying that Australia uses the same terms for crochet as the UK ........ I was recently given an "interesting" skein of yarn for a birthday present that varies from fleece through to something resembling embroidery thread & in various shades ........ I think this may be the pattern for it! So stay tuned - I may get a start on it this coming weekend & will make sure I link back to you! Anyhow, nice to come visit with you .....
    I doubt I will ever make it to the UK in person ...... Australia is quite a long way away :)
    Have a wonderful day,

  14. Thank you so much for a wonderful tutorial and such an interesting stitch. The cowl looks very pretty - love the knitted look too!

  15. This is so pretty - thanks for the tutorial!


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