3 December 2016

Jules Slouch Hat

I crocheted myself a slouchy hat.  A pale pink one (naturally).  Just because I wanted to and just because I could.  I look a bit of a bugger in anything too close fitting so favour the more flattering softness of a slouch.  My mum admired it and asked for the pattern.  Then Jayne, a lovely lady from one of my crochet classes, asked the same.  Then a kind customer also asked.  So I made another two, one slightly bigger than the other, and wrote the pattern up.

I used Debbie Bliss Rialto DK (I completely love that yarn).  Approximately 70g (150 metres) in total.

Once you get into the rhythm, it's a quick make and ideal for beginners comfortable with the half treble (half double in US terminology) stitch.

If you fancy making your own, I've popped the (free) downloadable pattern here on www.lovecrochet.com and here on my Ravelry page.  It's for you, with love from me.  Do send me a message if you have any problems at all.


PS.  Forgive me.  Where are my manners?  Please let me introduce you to Polly and Irene.  They're my new employees.  They don't say much but they're hard workers so I can't complain.


  1. I have a knitted hat like this. Sooo very comfy and perfect if you have a lot of hair. It's the only hat that allows me to put it up and then squish it into a hat. Everyone needs a hat to keep their ears warm in this weather don't they? Thanks v much for your pattern. Pretty colours too - one matches a scarf I have and the other a cowl, both crocheted. Definitely will be having a go.

  2. Looks lovely thanks for sharing
    Clare x

  3. I try to comment under wordpress, but it never seems to work out. I love the hat! It looks so polished. I downloaded the pattern and will try one for myself. Thank you!


  4. Beautifully done. I don't look good in a tight fitting hat, but a slouchy one is a lovely thing. Thank you for sharing your pattern. CJ xx

  5. A slouchy hat is always a good staple for one's wardrobe.

  6. Simple is often best. Love the soft slouchiness.

  7. Lovely het
    You have a great blog!

  8. I love this, thank you for sharing, how kind! Merry Christmas xxx


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