4 December 2009

A Day Of Firsts ...


Fancy a coffee while I share a few firsts with you?

* This is my very first ever blog posting!
* I have just had my first Folksy sale!
* Today I have entered my first Folksy swap AND my first blog giveaway.


Let me introduce myself ...

My name is Heather and I am perched on the very edge of turning 38 years old. I am blissfully happily married to D and have two gorgeous babies (well, they're 8 and 11 years old but they'll always be babies to me). We live in the leafy suburbs of Leicester with our utterly bonkers chocolate cocker spaniel Bertie.

I LOVE to make jewellery. Mostly cluttered boutiquey and everso silver jewellery ...

... sometimes felt and floral ...

I occasionally make plaques and fridge magnets (few in my Folksy shop at the mo) and, far too rarely, love to paint.

Those are a few of my crafty credentials!

Truth beknown I've been lurking for a wee while but have now decided to take the plunge. Any tips would be more than welcome!


PS. Is it normal to dream of blogging when you first start out???


  1. Hello Heather, well done you for 'taking the plunge' into the blogging world, I only started in October and like you was unsure at first but now I am really glad I did it. It's such fun, makes you feel part of something and look at the world in a 'what could I blog about' way. Can't wait to see more!!! Off to look at your folksy shop.

    Ali X

  2. Thanks so much for your kind comment Ali. I have a sneaking suspicion my camera will become my new best friend! Hx

  3. Hi! I'm another new blogger - starting just on Tuesday. I'm enjoying it so much! What a lovely blog you've created already.. mine needs some work :) but all in good time.

  4. Hello to you too love2 illustrate! Thank you! It's taken sooo long to get this far and I'm sure I shall continue titivating 'til I completely overdo it!!! Just off to have a peek at your blog! ... Hx


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