21 January 2010

Dear Blogger ...

I need to tell you something
Now I've known you for a while
It's a frank admission
As secrets aren't my style

I want you to sit down
And take a breath quite deep
Steal yourself my dearest
And promise not to weep

My heart it does a quicken
My hands begin to shake
The thing I've got to tell you is ...

I don't do steamy puddings
Or ever crave ice cream
Biscuits and jammy doughnuts
Just make me want to scream

Moist sponges and meringues
All leave me feeling queer
As for pretty cupcakes
I'd rather steer well clear

Choux and flaky pastry
So don't float my boat
Creamy butter icing
Sticks right in my throat

So, there you go I've said it
No fruitcake for me please
But if you're in the kitchen
I'd love a piece of cheese!

Will you still be my friend?

By Me!

Some of my cheese-related picks from Folksy ...

Polymer Clay Cheese Board by Grandma's Miniature Market

Sandwich Earrings by Sugar Mice

Red Cut Out I Love You More Than Cheese Card by Storeyshop

Yua Valentine Mouse And Extra Cheese by Nats Nest

Now I really must do some housework ...



  1. Ah Heather, I still love you! I'm not going to pretend; I'm shocked, stunned and confused. Not quite sure how someone functions without cake and biscuits on the brain......do you feel relieved now you've shared? Took some of the edge off that you made a rhyme, you know I'm partial to them.
    I was coming over to tell you, as I sat down for lunch and read your comment, seven is fine and to bring pudding but cheese will do, I like cheese..it's not my ideal pudding but I'll scoff it just the same......not even a cupcake...deary me!

  2. Tee hee! Lovely, 7pm it is! I'm thinking a nice ripe brie, I'll pop a cherry on top of yours! Hx

  3. I am not shocked or confused I am just glad there is more cake in the world for me! :-) I always wondered who had cheese and biccies after a meal and now I know. It would be a boring world if we all liked the same thing Elissa x

  4. I love cheese! Those little sewn ones at the end -how cute :)

  5. What a good poem! I love cheese too! (but I love cakes aswell :) Thank you for featuring Yua and the cheese, it made my day! (Yua is very proud now and has been annoying all the other mice!)

  6. I see no problem with cheese... we do have a saying in this house though.. and my 4 year old has started using it too... when someone does something silly or a little crazy they are "as mad as cheese" don't ask me why i have no clue...

    x Alex


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