6 January 2010

A Pottering Sort Of Day ...

Hello you.

Hope you and yours are shiny and happy this snowy 2010.

Since we last spoke ...

Christmas Day - just lovely.  Lots of drinky-poos, new cds competing with each other - Snow Patrol (handsome hubby D), Michael Buble (me), Michael Jackson (blondie son) and Cheryl Cole (blondie daughter), frantic searches for AAA batteries, very late yummy turkey lunch spilling over edges of largest but prettiest plates, edge of seat soap climaxes, goodwill to all men, blah, blah.

Boxing Day - fabulous.  'Can't please everyone but will bloody well try' buffet, mad Dyson thrustings and toilet scrubbings followed by extended family converging, yet more drinky-poos, cutlery shortages, humous smeared all over windows by ignored toddlers and silly word games.

Sunday - BANG!!!  Horrid, horrid, horrid tonsilitis.  Or rather, small malicious man living in your throat stabbing you with broken glass every time you swallow.  What a foul and nasty thing it is.

Anyway, a week of antibiotics and more tomato soup than you can shake a stick at later, much better!  Small malicious man has left the building, or throat.  Sorry, quick self-indulgent moment.  :-)

What a peculiar time of year this is!  It's a sort of 'this is what I want to achieve this year but I'm not quite sure when to crack on with it' sort of limbo.

Today, however, has been a gentle day.  My blondies are not back at school until mid next week so we have been pottering in comfies.

On the last day of term, my daughter was given a few little Christmas pressies by some of her school friends.  Gulp, bad mother moment ... I didn't know we were exchanging?!  Well, this afternoon, I made these - they're just little 'thank you' flower brooches in each of their favourite colours.  (An 8 year old girl favouring black?  Strange but true.)  Do you like them?

I am absolutely a pink girl through and through but the green is my favourite.  It makes me think of spring.

Whilst up to my ears in felt and needle and threads, I jumped on the owl bandwagon and made this little chap for my daughter ...

He's called Dippy Owl, apparently!

Roast chicken and salad for supper and Wednesday sinks slowly into Thursday.

Sweet dreams.



  1. Ooh, gorgeous makes! I love the owl & the flower brooches are just so sweet! Thank you for visiting my blog x

  2. Hi and a Happy New Year!

    I did giggle at your description of tonsilitus, brilliant! Glad you had a lovely festive time. Oh, and Terry rocks!

    Sarah x


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