13 January 2010

Has Spring Arrived?

Ooh, pretty tulips in my favourite colours.

Hmm, the heady scent of hyacinths.

Has spring arrived?

No, it bloomin' well hasn't.

Now I love my children dearly but it was so nice to pack them off to school this morning after nearly four weeks holiday and have some time to myself!

Well, apart from a slightly shaggy chocolate-coloured shadow ...

So, first I ...

turned up the thermostat (must remember to turn it back down before handsome hubby comes home, ahem) ...

and then I ...


Yes, I cleaned!  Seven uninterrupted hours to do exactly as I please and I cleaned!  (Other cleaning products are available; mind you, I LOVE my Sarah Smith cloths!)

Actually, it was very therapeutic, I felt I was clearing the way for the forthcoming year!

I did manage to squeeze in taking a few photos for my website too so the day wasn't without a little creativity.

Oh and see what I got in the post today ...

I'd ordered a pack of felt from Paper-And-String and got these gorgeous rolls of ribbon as fantastic freebies.  Gorgeous!



  1. Hi Heather just to let you know there is a blog award waiting for you. Your blog is always colourful and makes me smile Elissa x

  2. The felt is even tied with pretty ribbon! :) How sweet. Nothing better than getting something through the post!


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