26 January 2010

So Ashamed ...

Let me introduce you to my craft room ...

and Blondie daughter's bedroom (it's obviously in the genes) ...

So have I set-to with a black bag and the hoover?

Have I heck.

I've had one of these ...

(after removing this chap first)

(aaagh, me not likey),

painted my toenails candy pink (and made a note to self to apply Johnson's Summer Skin to my legs ASAP),

selected my jools ...

and, because I have absolutely nothing to wear (?!), bought these online ...

from White Stuff, despite being on a frugal this month.

And it's only 10:30am.

Oh bugger.

Am I a bad person?



  1. I love your post! Sounds just like me! Just spent the last half an hour paying much needed attention to sadly neglected finger nails. Went to white stuff last week and drooled over their new stuff, now on wish list on fridge for all to see, hint hint! Just put card away from amazon online purchase, despite frugal month for me! Does that make me bad too?!!!!! Have a fab day! xxx

  2. It's nice to be among kindred spirits. "I am supposed to be cleaning", that should be my mantra. Yet here I am on my laptop AGAIN! Looking at properties to go away for a couple of nights next month, wanting to buy Doctor Who stuff at Amazon purely for practical reasons you understand, I need to free space on Skyplus, promise!
    Heather I thought your workspace looked lovely, it's mad how one person sees mess and another colour and fun!!

  3. Oh you lovely girls, you are my kindred spirits!

    I've decided to make Jamie O's Fantastic Fish Pie for supper so when handsome hubby comes home and there are delicious smells permeating the house and his pants are whirring around in the washing machine, he'll think I've been hard at it all day!!!

    Coco Rose, far be it from wanting to lead you astray but if you type 'GAME' in the discount box when checking out of White Stuff, you should get 15% off (expires 31st January)!

    Ali, as a mother of boys, it is your maternal duty to furnish them with all things Dr Who.

    Tee hee :-)


  4. I enjoyed that post! (not so much the photo of the spider though). Nothing better than pampering yourself. If you think your workspace is untidy you should see mine! Planning on completely gutting my workshop this weekend to clean & tidy it, hoping it will be as therapeutic as having a long bath and painting nails :)

  5. Heather, I owe you a huge kiss for that! My duty eh? Do you think that'll work on Hubby when the credit card bill comes in?

  6. Your post made me smile! That would be my trick to distract hubby with food before telling him about the shopping! lol x

  7. I thought I was the only one who appears to be hard at the housework when everyone gets home... instead I have been crocheting and watching goodness knows what on the telly...and of course blogging... perhaps buying wool... or on ebay! I am so not going to heaven...

    x Alex


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