25 February 2010

Predominantly Pink Polka Dot Giveaway!

Guess what ...

a week today, I will have been blogging for exactly three months and I


Being able to vent my own creative gubbins is such fun but what I didn't expect was how many friendly, interesting, articulate, kind, talented and generally quite gorgeous people like you ... yes, you ... I'd meet!

So, to celebrate my mini anniversary, I thought it would be fun to host a mini giveaway!

My theme, I have decided, is polka dots (and predominantly pink ones at that), so I've put together a little group of bits ...

From time to time I make plaques and fridge magnets to sell at craft fairs so I've included one of my hanging plaques, a self-adhesive door plaque ...

and one of my spotty wooden heart fridge magnets ...

You will also receive a sachet of Cath Kidston bath salts, some pink Smarties, plus a little pair of buttony earrings (for pierced ears) and a hair grip (for untamed locks) ...

together with any other little pink and spotty treats I can find.

All you have to do is become a follower of my blog if you're not already and leave a comment.

I'll randomly select one person next Thursday lunchtime, 4th March.


Tee hee.  What fun.



  1. Awwwwwwwww, this is the cutest give away ever!!
    Happy 3 months anniversary and please count me in!!

  2. Ooooh sounds like fun! Love love love spotty so count me in! Many congrats on the three month anniversary! I'm fairly new to it too and it is mighty addictive and lovely to meet so many wonderful people! Have a fab day! xxx

  3. OOOh!!! Can I play?
    I want to win those goodies!!
    Happy three months - it's been lovely in blogland with you in it!

  4. I love that door plaque. so darn cute. Count me in this giveaway.

  5. Yes please... I would have to paint my loo door white especially to have that plaque... all very cute and wonderful... pink smarties? are they new out..? I have not seen those before!

    x Alex

  6. Ooh, girls, girls, thanks so much for playing. I shall legitimately now be able to use the much-talked about random number generator! ;-)

  7. Hi - please may I be included too? I am a newbie blogger also. I agree it's a wonderful world full of lovely kind people.xx

  8. Oh pink milk I love your blog
    And all the things you do
    So count me in the pressie draw
    - oh and love to Bertie Boo

  9. awesome giveaway! following the blog!

  10. Please let me win, please let me win, please let me win (clicking red shoes together 3 times)
    Love polka dots, love hearts, want that Loo sign, oh and I can never have enough chocolate, i've never seen those pink smarties before, I can top cupcakes with them for mothers day. Kx

  11. I would love to win too! Just discovered this giveaway when reading about your delicious beef patties, might try them for myself!

    I love the loo sign - our bathroom has duck egg blue accessories so it would match perfectly. My niece would love the hair grip and earrings, and all the other little goodies make a very cute little bundle!

    Good luck everyone :)

  12. Having red hair I look terrible in pink....which is a pity as it's my favorite colour!

    So I like to surround myself with pink things. I SO WANT TO WIN!!!!


  13. Love your blog, Love pink. Please count me in!

  14. Pink to make the boys wink as my mum says :) lovely things you are clever :)

  15. Pink and dotty, great! I really love those purple earrings :-0). I've become a follower. Here's to many more months of blogging. Lorraine x

  16. Ooohhh, please may I enter to win these lovely things. I have become a follower :0)


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