17 May 2010

Bit Of A Wind Problem!

Hello all.  Lovely weekend?

I spent most of last week in a 'making things frenzy' so definitely have some blog catching up to do!  Oh, and maybe a little housework.  If I hear "I haven't got any clean pants" again, I shall scream!  Ahem ...

Anyway, I had a stall at a local charity Spring Fayre yesterday.  It was outside on a school playing field and, whilst the sun shone, it was bloomin' windy.  Never again.  I spent most of the time holding down my wares and praying that my little gazebo didn't make a sudden bid for freedom.  At one point, there was a particularly strong gust of wind so I instinctively lunged forward and grabbed my felt flower pictures, making two browsing ladies jump.  "Do excuse me," I said, "I have a bit of a wind problem"!  To say they looked aghast is an understatement!

On the whole, elements aside, it was a reasonably fruitful day but I shan't be retiring on my profits!  I quite enjoyed selling something other than my usual silver jewellery for a change.  Plus, I've been invited to do another craft fair in October by a fellow stallholder.

So, what have I done so far today?  Well ...

*  A pants wash (!).

*  Written a letter to a local bus company complaining in no uncertain terms about the bullish and intimidating behaviour of one of their drivers (won't bore you with the details but, as a car driver who often has child passengers, I am sick to the back teeth of bus drivers thinking they own the road).

*  Taken delivery of an ickle White Stuff parcel (well, they had 15% off last Thursday) ...


*  Done a little Cath Kidston shopping!  Give you a clue ...

I thought it would be a bit of fun to ask you to guess which design I've ordered.  The choices are ...

1.  Electric Flowers
2.  Mini Dot Cherry
3.  Provence Rose
4.  Spray Flowers

*The first three bloggers to leave a comment and guess correctly* will win one of my new vintage rose wooden hangers in a colour of their choice ...

Little iPhone cover competition update ... as there has been such blatant naughtiness(!), instead of selecting the first three people who guess correctly, I'll randomly pick three from all correct answers at lunchtime tomorrow (Tuesday).

Do you like them?  I shall shortly be listing them in my Folksy shop for anyone who doesn't win and fancies one (self promotion, self promotion)!

Enjoy the rest of your day.



  1. I think you've ordered the spray flowers or perhaps the provence rose or maybe mini dot cherry or even the electric flowers ;)
    Did I guess right 'hehe'!
    Your stall looks lovely and the hearts are very pretty indeed.

    Beki xxx

  2. Sorry to hear about your wind (!) problem :)

    I guess you have picked the red/white polka dots one - as your background is polka dot. (Shame they don't do a pink polka dot one!!) I bet you have got the other one I think it might be knowing my luck but I won't be cheeky and guess twice!!! x

  3. Oh, OK - as Beki has guessed more than one - my other choice is the spray flowers. Sorry - but your hearts are lovely so you can't blame a girl for trying!!!! x

  4. I'll guess the the mini dot because that's what I'd get!
    Glad your wind problem didn't stop people buying from you!

  5. Can I have a guess?? Well, it is more on a personal date and a bit of jealousy as they didn't make the provence rose for ITouch for some reason, so I guess you got that one??
    Your stall looked amazing!

  6. I just want to guess anyway! Umm, I also think provence rose because it's just so lovely and pink xxx

  7. I think you've orderd the spray flowers.....Your stall looked great!

  8. I'll go for the cherry dot one.

    I've just had a little CK parcel - have taken pics to blog later.

  9. I'll guess the spray flowers because I like it best!! Although they are all lovely - I've had the same wind problem with a gazebo and had all my cushions on the floor!! x

  10. I know I'm not one of the first three replies but I too can't resist a guess!
    I think you got the 'spray flowers' :)
    All gorgeous though so you can't go wrong!

    Kayleigh x

  11. Hello i think the "spray flowers" because.........just because..... so pretty! hugs xx

  12. Well I love the provence rose and think if you haven't I might just have to order it for myself.
    Lovely makes.
    Hope you are well,
    Rachael xx

  13. Spray flowers? Only because that's my choice ?xx

  14. I guess spray flowers, cos thats what I would pick.

    Hope I'm right.


  15. I guess mini dot cherry.
    Love your stall, do you sell the flower rings in the photo? they look fab,
    Luv Sophie xxx

  16. i think mini dot cherry!!!

  17. Windy situations are such a pain in the arse..! pun very intended! ;D

    I like the spray flowers one but at least I have my first reason to perhaps accept Mr P's constant pushing for me to have an iphone... however I have been pondering an ipad! do your think they'll be doing covers for that too!? lol

    x Alex

  18. I guess Spray flowers. I am so glad you wind problems didn't stop your creativity sales, lovely items you had there. I laughed out loud when I read about the ladies looking shocked :-)


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