6 May 2010

So NOT A Party Political Broadcast!

Do you ever have mornings when you suspect that the ugly fairy has paid you a visit whilst you slumbered?

I think she attends to some more frequently than others ...

Hmmm, well she certainly graced me with her presence last night.  Mr Brown would have felt aesthetically superior to me this morning.

My hair was a lumpy heap.  The greys which are, it must be said, usually in the minority had obviously decided to fight back and not only multiplied during the night but were actually standing to 'LOOK AT US' attention.

Yesterday's mascara from just my right eye had somehow worked it's way messily down my face so I looked like a scary Pierrot.

My mouth had that sloppy look that shouts 'I've been drooling and snoring like a bugger for eight hours'.

My skin looked creased and didn't seem to fit properly.

Well, I don't need to tell you that I didn't hang around when I dropped the blondies at school at 8am.  In fact I was a little tempted not to stop at all and simply hurl them out as we passed the gate.  There was no way I was going to get cornered by one of the immaculately made-up and exquisitely-dressed mothers this morning!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not normally a just-got-up natural beauty at all.  Most mornings I need a little cosmetic help to look daisy fresh but, my god, this morning I had my work cut out ...

Skip forward a couple of hours and a LOT of help from Messrs Pantene, Clinique, Benefit, GHD, oh, and gravity, and I am finally ready to face the day!  Or what's left of it!

As for the grey hairs, well they have been temporarily flattened but their days are numbered.  As soon as my hairdressers opened, I telephoned and made an appointment for a cut and highlights.

Phew, it's hard work being a woman.

So I think I might stay up all night tonight.  Not to watch the election results but to catch that nasty ugly fairy in case she has plans for a return visit.

There are no pretty pictures or a moral to today's story, just thought I'd share it with you.  Please say you have ugly days too.



  1. You will definitely look better than Mr Brown on your WORST day!! I cannot bear to look at him!!! This is not a feeling I often get either!!!

  2. Fab post - and thanks so much for not showing a picture of Mr Brown smiling.... now that would have given me nightmares!!xxx

  3. Laughing! You are not alone! I nearly jumped out of my skin when i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror this morning. Not a pretty sight. These days it is taking longer and longer to look even semi-decent! Have you ever seen the car advert featuring Madonna and directed by Guy Ritchie? Look it up on you tube if you havn't...your comment about chucking the kids out the car by the school gates without stopping made me laugh and think of it! Have a fab rest of a day! xxx

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3R9IpAQ6xo&feature=related

    Had to watch it again! It might make you laugh and Clive Owen is worth watching!


  5. Oh yes! I have ugly days! Alot! I think most of us do - lucky for you it seems make up, wash hair etc puts this right, for me, sometimes I look even worse for trying!! Poor old Gordon - not blessed with looks, but then he has weathered some storms lately! x

  6. My Four year old is due to start big school in September and I am so not looking forward to the playground politics or the fact that I will have to actually put some thought into my attire, hair and make-up.... I fully understand your drive by desire for dropping off the children... as my other half says some people manage to hit all the branches when they fall out of the ugly tree!
    I tend to have the odd pretty day... I consider myself the other all the rest of the time! lol

    hugs Alex

  7. Coco Rose, great clip! Had no idea where it was going - you've got to love Madonna for doing it!! ;-)

  8. Be sure you are not alone! And - oh my God - you would never look as bad as Mr Brown!! Some days, when the ugly fairy decides to visit, I just feel like I shouldn't have left the bed. LOL

  9. Oh yes, the older we get the longer it takes to look our best! Soon it won't be worth going to bed at all...
    PS, I'm sure you can't possibly look worse than Gordon.

  10. Oh good grief yes, I have those days too and I have laughed my head off reading this post! I love it when I wake up with a deep pillow crease down my face and that gormless expression that seems to stay put for at least an hour after waking! As for the grey hairs...dont talk to me about grey hairs, they are popping through rapidly at the moment and Im pretending I cant see them!

    Love Julia x x x

  11. Aw Big Bloody Meanies about Gordon Brown!
    Have you not seen the photos of him when he was uni?
    I'm not biased being Scottish or anything.....
    I fear I look the same in the morning as I do when I drag my weary body off to bed at night after long hours of gravity.

  12. lol love this blog post! oh I do, I do, after several wakings by the night owl baby sweetpea I look very scary in the morning :-)

  13. I know that feeling Heather, it takes longer and longer to sort the face and hair out. That's age for you, bit of a buggar if I do say so myself.


  14. Hell, I avoid looking at myself at all until I am showered and shampoo'd for fear of scaring the absolute crap out of myself. Sometimes I might catch a glimpse of myself unintentionally and be scared by the fat ugly trespasser in my house. Lycra and makeup. Love em both.


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