5 June 2010

Sweet And Sour!

Two things struck me when I opened the door to our smiley postman this morning:-

1.  He wasn't wearing his cream handknitted beanie hat.  He ALWAYS wears his cream handknitted beanie hat, searing heat or no searing heat.  I had wondered if it hid a secret but, no, he has hair - albeit a little wispy - and a normal shaped head.  So taken aback was I that it took me a moment to realise that ...

2.  He was holding a big squashy parcel for me!  Only my Strawberry Swap parcel from my uber-organised partner Vanessa of Hapi-ness!  Such weekend thrills!


Special mention needs to be made of the badge holding it all together ...

It's a Pink Milk badge!!!  Vanessa, how clever are you??!!  I LOVE it!

Just the prettiest wrapping paper ever ...

My wonderful, wonderful swap goodies in all their sweet glory ...

The dearest little ornament, stationery, exfoliating gloves, nail polish, face pack, sweeties, a gorgeous strawberry keyring and, of course, the little badge.

I love it all Vanessa, it's the most thoughtful parcel of goodies - thank you sooo much!

I promise to reciprocate soon!

Now, Saturday in our house is 'sweetie day'.  I have always been a little bossy over the blondies not having too many sweets and 'sweetie day' is a tradition I have carried on from when my brothers and I were young.

I used to buy 2oz of pineapple chunks, rosy apples or even the odd packet of Space Dust (remember that?) with my 32p pocket money.

Anyway, it seems that the sweets of choice at the moment are these awful things ...

No kidding, they are HORRIFIC.

They are so sour that your face almost implodes.  I have never in my life tasted anything so bitter.

And the children say they enjoy them.  Well, judge for yourself ...

If you are passing a sweetie shop and these nasty little tubs are sitting menacingly on a shelf ... go on ... I dare you!!!  :-)

I'm off to have another poke through my lovely Strawberry goodies and enjoy the nearly-sun.

Have a wonderful weekend girls.



  1. What a fab parcel! I love the Pink Milk badge. Great idea! Lynda xxx

  2. Ooh space dust! Don't like the look of toxic waste urgh.

  3. Lovely milk badge, how very clever1
    Did you ask postie about the absence of hat, dying to know the reason!

    Sarah x

  4. Love the badge! will give the toxic waste a miss though! Kate xxx

  5. what fab swap gifts and those photos are priceless!

  6. Ooh, had better get busy with my swap parcel too! Lovely goodies. Loved the photos - but think I'll give those sweets a wide berth....they look horrible!!! x

  7. Lovely swap goodies. love the badge. xxx


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