11 July 2010

How Clever Am I?

Wednesday afternoon was possibly, nay definitely, the proudest afternoon of my life so far!

Blondie son was presented with his Academic Scholarship award at the school's annual Speech Day.

That is why I have been so excited of late!

However, unbeknown to us until the actual event, both of our blondies also won Outstanding Academic Achievement awards!  Only three such awards are presented per year group.

Dear reader, I don't mind telling you that Handsome Hubby and I were both puffed up to twice our normal size and in tears.

It's been an emotionally draining week as Blondie son has now completed Junior School and starts at Senior School in September.

We now have two months of school holidays.  I daresay I shall want to wring their necks after a couple of weeks of bickering and "I'm bored"s but, for now, I'm still congratulating myself for making two such beautiful and incredibly clever babies.



  1. I don't blame you, that's amazing, what clever, clever bambinos you've produced..I just love those sheer moments of 'Mummy pride' that hit you when you're least expecting it...just when you thought you could love them anymore!
    Hi by the way, just noticed you're following my blog so had a peek at yours and am loving it, you've got a FAB sense of humour.
    Take care,
    P.S Can I also be in your gang? I just hate those playground mums!

  2. Well done to the Blondies - I can imagine how proud you & HH felt :) :)

  3. Sounds like you have every reason to be proud! x

  4. You should be congratulating yourself Mrs!
    Enjoy the hodilays!
    I just wish the sun would come back out to play, I fear it has gone on it's hodilays as it's been gone so long!

  5. Ah, that's lovely Heather and I agree that you should be congratulating yourself. Well done blondies! Lynda xx

  6. Congratulations Blondies! Obviously they take after their mummy!

  7. Awwwww what fab achievements!!!!! So you should be a very proud mummy! Hope the hols are good for you and the 'bickering' is at a minimum!!!!!!!! he he! xxxxx

  8. Cogratulations to the Blondies. AND, Well done to the parents.

  9. Well done to you and the blondies, clever kids.

    It amazing how much crying is done at school events. Concerts and plays always make me well up.

    Well done to you all.


  10. how fantastic - i bet your heart felt fit to burst with pride!

  11. I can imagine how proud you are, it's so nice when other people recognise how wonderful our children are isn't it ?
    lots of love Louise x

  12. What very clever children you have!!! Gorgeous and talented - just like their mother!! xx


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