23 July 2010

See You Soon x

Good morning sweet people.  Are you well?

A very half-hearted bee fell to the ground near my foot.  It lay there for a minute.  Knackered?  Contemplating what to do next?  It took a few slow steps then stopped again.  Mustering up the energy and enthusiasm from somewhere, it suddenly took off and flew to a nearby flower.  A small flurry of buzzing and bee-type activity ensued and then it fell back down to the ground.  It lay there for a minute.  Knackered?  Contemplating what to do next?

I daresay this pattern would have continued for a while but I got bored watching and went back inside with my cup of tea but not without realising that I feel a little like that bee at the moment!  Small flurries of activity interspersed with lots of sitting down, knackered and contemplating what to do next!

This really won't do as we are heading off to Poland for my little brother's wedding in a few days!

We're driving most of the way, stopping for a couple of days in Brussels and then Berlin.  Oh yes, this is a holiday with a difference for us.  We are normally to be found stretched out on a Spanish beach, liquid refreshment and trashy novel to hand.

So am I rushing around, washing, ironing, bleaching u-bends and winding down the food stores?  Am I heck!  I'm saving all that for the day before we leave!

I always, always come home from a holiday with a renewed determination to be more organised, finish works in progress and start a hundred more!  Despite not actually having gone yet, I've already started a new project list!

So I shall be back in a couple of weeks dear friends, refreshed, a little more worldly wise and full of tales of the wedding.  'Til then, I wish you long days of sunshine and moments to treasure.



  1. Have fun Heather! Enjoy the break from routine. Lynda xxx

  2. Have a super time away relax and enjoy!! xx

  3. Have fun, look foward to hearing all about it!

    B xxx

  4. Have a great time away - I hope it's relaxing!
    I've been feeling like you are - fine as long as I keep going, but as soon as I stop I could go to sleep - It must be catching!

  5. Have a great holiday , I'll catch up when we both get back!

  6. Have a great trip. Hope you come back refreshed.

  7. Have a safe journey and a lovely time :)
    Kayleigh x

  8. Ooh a wedding!!!!
    Have a wonderful time, wonderful lady!!

  9. Ha Ha you sound alot like me!
    Hope you enjoy your travels, sounds like it might be lots of fun!

    See you when you're back - much love
    Julia x x x


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