27 August 2010

Fickle Friday ...

Ooh, I could hop, skip and jump today!!!  Yes, I admit, I'm a fickle sausage - yesterday I was as grumpy as grumpy can be and, given the opportunity, would have hopped on a plane to sunnier climes and not come back.  The incessant rain has been drowning my joie de vivre I don't mind telling you and I'm not at home to all this 'summer is over' talk.

Today the sun is back!!!  And ... I am totally alone ... without blondies!!!  For the first time in nearly two months I have a day to myself.  I love my babies to bits and back but, oh, it feels so good.

The first thing I do?  Make a cup of coffee and come and see you of course!

How are you all?

I've nothing particularly interesting to report but, bugger it, I shall just regale you with the mundane!

We've been school uniform and stationery shopping in readiness for the new term.  Ordinarily, I loathe uniform shopping.  In my experience, the people who work at schoolwear supplier shops are either biding their time 'til something better comes along or are too thick to pronounce "customer service" let alone know what it means.  Though, this time, it has to be said, we had a really rather lovely plump and jolly chap by the name of Jason look after all our navy and grey needs.  Don't get me started on the cost though. :-(

(If I were in charge of deciding a uniform for a school, I would opt for floral tea dresses with a lavender or primrose cardigan for the girls and coffee-coloured cords with soft white brushed cotton shirts for the boys.)

Stationery shopping I love though!  Brand new packets of sharp colouring pencils, rainbows of felt tips and pristine rubbers really float my boat!  I could almost go back to school myself if only to choose a pretty pencil case and fill it with essentials!

Blondie son has been braving the bloody awful weather and playing cricket all this week.  He's been coming home tired with his wet hair plastered to his head but a sparkle in his eyes and a flush to his cheeks that he doesn't get from sitting watching Aircrash Investigates or playing computer games with friends.

Blondie daughter has had a few play dates (one of which she's on today) but has otherwise been quite happy pottering with me.  She had one of her dearest little pals to play yesterday; we played beauty salons for a little while - I gave them a strawberry face pack, applied cucumber slices to their eyes and then painted their toe and finger nails in different colours - but they were busy for the rest of the day making dens, playing make believe and decorating picture frames.

Thus affording me a little time for a fiddle in my craft room.  A little much-needed rosy sunshine for my t-shirt ...

That is what I do in my craft room now - 'fiddle' at my desk.  I can no longer 'potter', which would suggest wandering around, because blondie daughter and I have swapped rooms!  She now has the larger room ("But I need the space for sleepovers and handstands mummy") and I am all compact and bijoux in the smaller room.  I do love it though.  I'm on the third floor and at the back of the house so get the sun - if there is any to be had - all day.  This is the view from my window.

I'll show you some more piccies of my dear little room sometime soon.

Ooh and another thing, I've joined Facebook!  I've never been tempted before (being put off by horror stories of inboxes full of unwanted emails and pestering approaches from blasts from the past [shudder]) but it really is the best way to keep tabs on my little brother who's relocated to Sydney.  I'm still tentatively finding my way around but quite enjoying it!

That's it for now.  I must love you and leave you and go and revel in my brief freedom.  A slow browse around Waitrose is what I am fancying so that is what I shall do.

If I don't speak to you before, do have a lovely bank holiday weekend.



  1. You are chipper!
    I was hoping that moaning about the seeming end of summer would work as a bit of reverse psychology on the sun and it seems to have worked, had sunny days ever since. Sure maybe not before 9am but YAY!!
    To have girls...I was bemoaning not having a daughter to pass on my crafty skills(??) on to yesterday and eldest Biscuit offered to get one of his 'friend who is a girl' round to learn to crochet. Better than nothing I suppose.
    No bank hol up here but you know my kiddies are back at school already so everyday is a bit like a holiday if I don't count the cleaning and general house keeping duties...pants to them!!

  2. I would gladly send the sunshine to you in an envelope, we've had enough and are yearning for cooler September weather. Never happy are we ?
    Love your plans to take over school uniform supply...
    Have a lovely weekend
    Louise xx

  3. Glad you have some time to yourself today.
    Love your post, I too am comleatly taken by new stationary and would love to fill a bcak to school bag full of new pencils & pens.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Luv Sophie xxx
    PS. enjoy facebook xxx

  4. Well I loved that rambling blog post :-) Stationery - oohhh how i love it, I have to make myself be good and NOT buy it as soon as I see it but what I really want is my own stationery cupboard full of lovely pens, pads etc etc. Waitrose is such a lovely shop to potter around isn't it - so relaxing for a food shop. Hope you enjoy Facebook, I love it to keep in touch with mates and family but try and limit my friends.

  5. What a lovely post! I smiled all the way through...and your picks for uniforms sound perfect! xo Paulette


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