2 September 2010

Old Spice

It's one of those little 'jobs' that you just fancy doing now and again.

It's not THAT long since I had a little herbs and spices sort out.


February?  Oops.

January 2009?  Yikes!  So ashamed!

How DOES that happen?



  1. Hmmm....I have been caught hording & holding onto spices.... Alas, they look fine in their little glass bottles until the day you read the expiry date.

  2. I recently threw out some "nigella seeds" with a date of 1999. Good job I moved house or they'd still be there I fear ! Can't remember what I cooked that ever needed them. The Safeways jar should have given me a clue...

  3. My Mum has a tendency to hoad things well past their sell by date. Last year I tidied up her herbs and spices shelf for her and binned loads that were up to 2 years out of date. Turns out she had refilled the jars but hadn't written the new dates on them, so I'd binned a load of perfectly good ones lol!

  4. Don't worry, I found a tin of kidney beans in my cupboard the other week from 2008.
    (Blushing terribly with awful embaressment as I admit to this!)

    Love Julia x x x

  5. lol, I think one I threw away was 2007 the other day - hey ho it must mean ours lives are so fun we don't have time for years to clear out herbs and spices :-)

  6. I'm so pleased that there are other people like me. I'm always finding out of date stuff in our cupboards. Often just carry on using it as well unless positively off.

  7. I never throw spices out if they're out of date unless they're obviously mouldy or something.
    There is an old saying about a woman's spices lasting longer than her marriage. ;-)

  8. I wouldn't dare show the labels on mine!! When I tidy my spices it is literally just to wipe the bottles clean. I have many that are several years past their label date. I just make sure they still smell ok and just put extra quantities in to make up for lack of potency!

  9. A few months ago we found a can of carrots at the back of my mother in law's cupboard with a sell by date of June 1994! She was insitant that they'd 'be fine'. Lynda xx


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