24 September 2010

Stew Monday And An Award

As the weather turns a little more chilly, don't your thoughts start turning to comfort food and one-pot meals?  There's something about ladling out great spoonfuls of a homemade stew crammed with vegetables that is so fulfilling and heart warming.

(Image actually chicken stock - I didn't have a photo of stew!)

I was watching River Cottage Autumn last night and LOVED Hugh's idea of a 'Stew Club' so immediately started planning my own version - 'Stew Monday'.  I am going to invite four couples of our lovely neighbours to join (that includes you Jane!).  The idea is that each couple takes weekly turns to cook a stew large enough to generously serve ten people and then delivers it to the others for them to reheat for Monday night's supper.  How exciting is that?!  I'll let you know if they tell me to get knotted! :-)

Now, I want to thank the lovely Lynda at Hookin' With LaaLaa for considering me worthy of this fabulous award.

Lynda is one of the warmest and most honest bloggers I've come across so I thoroughly recommend you pay her a visit.

A condition of accepting this award is to tell you seven facts about myself.

1.  I currently seem to have a big crush on David Cameron!
2.  I don't mind blood and can watch the most gruesome of operations or horror movies but sick, bogies and poo all make me heave.  Even talking about them makes me feel queasy so I shall move swiftly on ..!
3.  On a similar theme, I cannot bear people who spit.  If someone walking in front of me spits on the ground (or 'flobs' as we used to call it), I tap them on the shoulder and politely say "excuse me, I think you've dropped something".  It can invite a variety of reactions!
4.  I absolutely love cryptic crosswords and all word games especially Scrabble.
5.  I wasn't very good at being pregnant.  I'd love to be able to report that I floated serenely around in pretty ditsy floral maternity clothes with a self-satisfied glow on both occasions but the truth was that I was tired, ratty, emotional and wore dungarees for the whole nine months.  I did however thoroughly enjoy childbirth!  Two natural births with just gas and air, twenty-five and seventeen hours respectively.
6.  I am petrified of spiders.  I was held hostage in my own house just last week by a spider the size of a hand lurking outside the front door.  Thankfully my wonderful postman came to the rescue and removed it with somebody else's letter.
7.   I am very much a summer person and really don't like the cold and short days of winter.  Give me Easter and its promise of spring and summer over Christmas any day.  Bah humbug.

I get so much pleasure from all the blogs I follow and I truly mean that.  The five blogs I nominate for this award however are:-

They are all wonderful so do go and have a peek.

Have a super weekend.



  1. Well Done! You deserve it honey! I hate spiders too and was trapped by a huge dead spider this week - dead or alive ARRGGG! xx

  2. Did I just read 'Ba humbug'?
    Say it is not so?
    Maybe some things are better left unsaid!
    Cake and Christmas hater....Heather you seemed so nice in the beginning!!!

    I'd still come round for stew though.

    p.s David Cameron?????? Are you ill, concussed, mental?

  3. aahh thanks so much for the award, so lovely to know you like my blogedy blog, yours is fab too!

    I love the stew idea, we watched that last night too - hugh is so funny and I love watching his programmes.

    I too prefer summer, miss it already :-( And people spitting, yuck! Love the idea of pointing out to people just how sick they are spitting. Dropping litter is another pet hate of mine - my Auntie once saw someone throw rubbish out of their parked car so walked up and chucked it all back in their car - love it :-)

  4. Blush blush blush! Thanks loads for the award and I am happy you like my blog, I love yours and you always make me smile so you really deserve your award, well done.
    Stew...I could not live without my slow cooker and we had lamb hotpot this evening, scrummy!
    Have a fab weekend hun
    Deb x

  5. Thanking you very muchly, I have got pretty useless at passing awards on but I will be sure to do so with this one!
    Reading Debs comment has reminded me I need to get a new slow cooker, love the stew club idea just as long as no one pinches my dumplings ;)
    Have a great weekend!

    B xxx

  6. lovely post! not sure about David Cameron though...
    and I agree - Flobing is just soooo discusting!


  7. Fab post!! it really made me laught! I totally agree about spitting! It drives me insane, just gross!!!

  8. Of course I want my award! How fantastic, thank you so much. I just wish I had more time to blog these days, with my eldest boy just starting school time seems to slip by... hugs xxx


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