12 September 2010

Sunday's Thought For The Day

What to do when your child's new teacher looks like a creepy weeble, has a chip on his shoulder and stares at your bosoms while talking to you?

a)  Stop being so immature as to take people at face value; as long as he is a good teacher.

b)  Give him a shove and see if, in fact, weebles really do wobble but they don't fall down.

c)  Fashion a brooch saying "I'm up here" and pin to said not-even-very-big bosoms.

Hmmm ...

Enjoy your day!

Hugs, Hx


  1. b, go on pick b. I've always wondered if they really wobble. Hehe.
    Seriously though good luck getting through a year of parents evenings. It just sucks when you don't get on with a teacher. But dont do what my Mum did and called my teacher stupid cause when we moved he didn't believe I was a year ahead in maths and english (small previous school). I was mortified, still mortified thinking of it :)

  2. I'd go with the brooch, any excuse for a new brooch! EB's new teacher is young and gorgeous and I find it hard to listen to him for looking at his lovely face. So obviously the new teahcer fancies you and has to stop himself swooning every time you are near and if he actually worked up the nerve to look you in the eye, he would faint!

  3. Oh I think you should definatly do b & c!!!!
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. B - go on, you know you want too!!

    Little son has a teacher this year that looks like he might not have started shaving - I shall feel to old @ parents evening - will be wanting to mother him!!

  5. Definitely B (or C would be fun too). If these fail cross your arms over your chest and bend down so he has to look at your face! (That one is tried and tested and works a treat!).

  6. ha ha ha! Oh dear, I have no idea! Thankfully my boy's teachers are all female! Good luck, great post! xx

  7. Love it! B & C and maybe add a few more to the list too :-)

  8. Maybe you should jsut ask why he feels he needs to speak to said boobies!
    bet that will shock him more than any of the other things!!

  9. Argh I hate pervy teachers. I am a teacher and there is one at my school who constantly talks to my boobs, first time I thought it was a one off, may be it was my top, but it is every single time I talk to him?!?

  10. you must do b!!!!
    what a cheeky git!...but i think some of these teachers are shy and look away or lower their eyes towards chests! no excuse for it though!
    you must be too hotty for him! hehe
    i find it hard just to get a hello out of sophia's pre school teachers, though i do like one older woman there...there are some weired and wonderful people in the world ;0)x


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