15 November 2010

Keep Calm

The dishwasher is making a strange grinding sound.
My car keeps slipping out of gear.
I've lost my 4mm crochet hook.
My dear little house is festooned with chocolate spaniel hair.
There are more clothes in the wash basket than in the wardrobes.
Meals are unimaginative and, frankly, a pain in the way they keep coming round so quickly.
Blondie daughter has exams all this week.
My little blog is gathering dust.
My family has five birthdays in December (including mine).
Mum and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary.
Not to mention Christmas.
I am organising a 50 stall craft fair.

So what do I do?

I sign up for a stall at the school's Christmas Fair.

Note to self ... keep calm and make stuff.



Normal service will be resumed soon.  Hope you're all well. x


  1. sounds like my luck hehe...ive noticed i have a mouse eeeeeks...dont want him sharing my christmas store cuboard hehe!!
    good luck with the christmas fair organisation and crafty makes ;0)x

  2. oohh dear. its that time of year isn't it? Have a good week keep calm and eat some cake!!

  3. Wow thats a busy time, sending hugs your way x

  4. Heather, let's run away and have some Aunt Sally eclairs (you can pretend to eat yours)!
    p.s at least one of those birthdays is yours.

  5. Sounds just like my life!!
    Keep calm and eat choc (works for me hehe)
    Pene x

  6. At least you won't have time to get bored. x

  7. Hooray....someone who shares my woes! Life sucks sometimes. I'm such a grump at the moment. A gazillion things on. My wash pile is horrendous and I damn near broke the blasted thing a few days ago. I have had MAJOR problems in the past with both my dishwasher and washing machine, and those two are the things I can least live without. I'll go nuts if any break before christmas. I have major family birthdays in November and December, 12 in total and it always stresses me out. It's bad enough buying presents for people who either have everything or don't want anything, but to have to do it twice within weeks drives me insane! Are you a mad woman to sign up for a stall?!!!!!!!!

    and deep breath! you are right keep calm! Going to grab a drink and wallow in dirty laundry piles!!!!!!


  8. Sounds like a normal crafters December to me! Good luck with it all, and remember to take time out for you. Yes, I know you won't have any, BUT TRY!!!! xx

  9. Good luck - sounds like you might need it!

  10. Sounds like my kind of plan. Good luck & get making!xx

  11. Well in for a penny and all that!! Good luck!!

  12. At least they are all nice things to do ( not laundry !!)When I have such a lot to do I normally ignore it all and watch daytime tv...
    Have fun
    Louise xx

  13. I perscribe lots of chocy for you to see you through this manic time! Hope you are ok and haven't taken on too much - it will be over soon, just keep that in mind. xxx

  14. Understand, at least partially, as I'm prepping for a local craft show too. Must. Not. Panic. I advise chocolate and lots of moaning.


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