31 December 2010

2010 ... Done!

Just a quickie 'hello' to you.

Everyone in Blogland seems to have had a lovely Christmas and we were no exception.  It's been a wonderfully lethargic few days brimming with over indulgence.  No more beige food for me though please!

Lots of gorgeous pressies including a new Canon Ixus camera from Handsome Hubby which was a complete surprise.  I've been lugging around my late Father In Law's chunky-monkey camera for yonks so it's a total delight to have something so teeny and convenient.  I am a little worried it will slip out my pocket and into the loo at some point (I have done that with a mobile phone before - wasn't pretty!).

Other favourite pressies have included a fab new purse ...

... perfume and smellies, a jewellery holder, ditsy floral tights, some handmade pretties oh, and this ...

It's just hilarious.  I'm trying to eke it out and only watch one episode each day.  Such fun!

I've been doing lots of crocheting in the last couple of days but I'll fill you in with that next year!  In fact, I've got terrible cramp in the palms of my hands which I now call 'crochet claw'!

We're off out partying with our lovely neighbours tonight.  I've already exchanged 'Happy New Years' with my brother in Sydney.  Weird to think he is now in 2011 and we're not.

Anyway, as the sun sets on this, the last day of 2010 dear blog friends, I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year.  May all your piles of ironing be little ones.



  1. Love Miranda. Happy New Year Heather. x

  2. Oh sounds like you had a lovely christmas and got nice presents. Wishing you all the best for 2011 :)

    All things nice...

  3. Such Fun :0)
    Love Miranda too. I have a cannon IXUS and I think it's brilliant, keep mine set to "folliage" most fo the time as it makes colours brighter .
    Have a great night. Looking forward to your posts in 2011
    Jacquie x

  4. Happy new year, lovely! Can't wait to see the crochet. Have fun! xxx

  5. oh how i love Miranda, sooo funny! Those purses are gorgeous too, where are they from?

    Happy New Year, my piles are ironing are always low as I never do any :-)

  6. Have a Happy 'What I call' New Year! xx

    God I hope your wishes for ickle ironing piles come true, fingers crossed!

  7. Happy new Year to you too sounds like you had a fab christmas!!!


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