17 December 2010

A Week To Go

The cards are written and sitting in their neat little piles of those to be posted and those to be delivered.

The decorations and tree are up.

The presents are all bought and paid for though a couple are sitting in draughty warehouses awaiting despatch.

We finally made it through the teachers' pressies, carol concerts, parents' evenings, secret santas, Christmas fayres and parties madness that is the end of term.  Three whole delicious weeks.

My little home has had half its pre-Christmas clean.

The cupboards are nice and full.

And breathe ...

I feel strangely relaxed.

This, my friends, is one of the best bits.  The preamble when almost everything is done and the excitement starts to build.

(Christmas angels created by my blondies some years ago and my most favouritest decorations!)



  1. I just popped on the laptop to e-mail you my dear and here you are, thank you thank you thank you, you bonny Heather!
    I love my brooch and the the wee pressie...I'm very touched you are indeed a sweetheart.

    Can you believe how long it took??? The Royal Mail, tut, tut!! They have a good excuse to use publicly with the snow and all but having a friend who is a Postie, the truth is too much mail, not enough staff. Shame on them!!

    I feel calm too, still have four days next week of school to go but still, you are right the excitement is building.
    Thanks again H!

  2. Heather, will you come and do my organisation now please? I've got the lurgy really bad and I feel so behind but just don't have the energy to do anything. xx

  3. You do sound so very relaxed an that is good because it will make the rest of us take note and do the same!

  4. Oh absolutely! Well done, you deserve the rest! Merry Christmas! xxx

  5. love the decorations by your son...really sweet n precious...you are good, welldone for being organised hehe...relax and enjoy all the wonderful festivities now ;0)xxxx

  6. Well done for being so organised! I only wish I was there! Ah well, all for just a few days. I shall try to just go with the flow now!

    Happy Christmas Heather!

    Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. What beautiful Angels!
    We still have a bit of shopping to do and I haven't even thought about wrapping yet but like you, I'm very relaxed and so laid back.
    Bring it on, I say!

    B xxx

  8. Pre Christmas clean? Bother - I knew I'd forgotten something!

  9. ditto!
    Love those angels, especially the one with the punk hairdo

  10. Love your comments!

    Don't hate me ... now is probably when I suddenly remember that I've invited 17 people for drinks and nibbles ...


  11. Time to get excited now yippeeeeee

  12. Love those angels, sooo cute! I must admit to not bothering with teachers pressies this year, what a bah humbug I am :-)

    Have a fab chilled out week with your little ones. x

  13. I adore your decorations, they are so pretty.

  14. I just love the angel singing withher mouth open ! Wishing you comfort and joy this Christmas
    Louise x


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