30 March 2011

Being Creative In The Garden

Hello you.

What a naughty blogger I have been of late.  The truth is I've been outside making the most of the sunshine and 'doing stuff'!  Tidying, painting, weeding, painting, sweeping and painting.  Oh, did I mention painting?

I'm slowly transforming our little garden into an oasis of colour.

We're making a couple of lifestyle tweaks which are preoccupying me at the moment so being busy outside has been very therapeutic.

So saying, I have managed a little gentle creativity this week inspired by Julia Crossland's 'Being Creative' project.  This month's theme is, rather appropriately, 'Garden'.

I'm not a natural seamstress but do love fiddling with pretty fabric on a small scale.  Garden to me is synonymous with flowers and I wanted to make something whimsical so, a little ta dah ...

(Not brilliant photos as it's so very dull today.)

"Just living is not enough ... one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."

Hans Christian Anderson

Do take a peek at the other creative contributions, they're fabulous.

H x♥x


  1. OOh, Heather that's so gorgeous! Really lovely and spring-like. It has made me smile. I hope you're OK, my lovely friend. Lynda xxx

  2. Lovely pic - you clever thing! Loving the blue fence - very summery!

    Hope all is well with you - we've missed you here in blogland xxx

  3. Such a gorgeous post - I sooo love the colours you're using and the fabrics are some of my most favourites! Really lovely pink spotty bunting too against the blue!! Enjoy the rest of your flowery week!
    Helen x

  4. Oh I love the blue fence with the bunting. I had to paint my green which is very boring but did think I might stamp some daisys on one panel when G's not looking lol.. just have to make sure there is no green paint left first so he can't paint over them!!

  5. Hi Heather , love your flower picture , beautifully made . That quote is so true ,I love it . Have a happy week
    Jacquie x

  6. Brilliant textile picture Heather, such gorgeous happy colours and fabrics, it looks gorgeous all framed up too.
    Love what you are doing to your garden too, that blue is very, very uplifting!
    Thank you for sharing your work, and for taking part in the group, its lovely to have you!

    Sending love
    Julia x

  7. I want your fence! Love that blue with the bunting. Lovely.
    And that lil garden picture is so cute, may have to make something similar for my kitchen now. Brighten it up on grey, wet, miserable days like today

  8. I love your work! It looks beautiful! x

  9. Oh your fence looks gorgeous! Love your pretty flower picture to! Very springlike!
    The quote is spot on!
    Rachel x

  10. I love your blue fence, what a gorgeous shade and it makes such a change from all the usual browns! Beautiful flower picture too. Thanks for the link to the Being Creative challenge, what a great idea... Sarah x

  11. Your little garden area looks inviting. I love the fabric flowers. They look very happy and spring like.

  12. Love the fence! I painted our trellis that colour and went dark blue for sheds. Brings vibrance to a garden, especially with bright bunting!

    The picture is awesome, love the fabrics. I made the decision to get to know my sewing machine better 18 months ago but crochet took hold and I still havn't made a start. I would lve to and actually learn how to sew a straight line! That would be something!!!!!!! ha ha

    Have a lovely Thursday Heather!


  13. Oh, that is beautiful! Your garden is so inspiring too :)

  14. love your garden..it looks so pretty !


  15. Lovely photos, totally agree with the HCA comment!

    I have passed on a blog award to you - pop by my blog to pick it up!

    Have a great weekend, Helenxx

  16. OOhh you have been busy!!!
    Love that blue on the fence, it must make you smile every time you see it!With the pretty pink bunting its so summery!
    The little applique flower picture is so sweet!

  17. Oh I Just LOVE this ..... I want one for my wall! You have created something so inspiring to me and makes me want to go off and look through my bits and scraps and come up with a picture of my own :0)
    Thank you for this .. I will keep popping back for more inspirations!
    Val xx

  18. Hello!
    I have finally managed to grab time to drop by and visit your blog. V pretty indeed. Lovely colourful garden space. :) Kirsty


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