27 May 2011


Yoo hoo!

How have you been?

Other than a grotty cold (me, courtesy of Blondie daughter), all's well here.

I'd like to take you back (20-ahem-something years) to my school days if I may and tell you about my English Literature teacher, Mrs Thomas, also my form teacher.  She was small, dumpy, bespectacled, highly intelligent and completely self-obsessed.  She used to like the sound of her own voice so much that she had permanent froth around her mouth - you know, at the corners?  The only make-up she wore was crimson lipstick (which made the froth more obvious).  She had extremely short cropped brown hair and ginormous bosoms.  I don't think she ever liked me.  I certainly didn't like her.  The fact that she inflicted Chaucer on me was reason enough.  I used to while away her lessons marvelling with fascination/repulsion that she had managed to find a husband who was happy to 'do it' with her - and only her - for the rest of his life.

Anyway, Mrs Thomas used to consistently say of me "Heather has the inability to be succinct.  She is far too flowery."

She used to use a thick red pen to strike through the 'irrelevant' parts of my paragraphs, leaving only the bare facts.

Yeah, right.

Ok, so maybe I do chunter on a little but that's no bad thing surely?

Back to now, since we last spoke, I have been doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  The danger is though, you see, it having been a while since I posted, I am tempted to drone on a bit and regale you with the unnecessary and uninteresting.  So, with Mrs Thomas and her enormous boobies in mind, (wherever you are you old ratbag), I give you an unflowery and succinct recap on what I've been up to in the last week ...

A little DIY ...

(If I weren't being succinct, I'd remind you that I'd bought this lovely shelf unit last summer from a local house sale for the princely sum of £10.  Up until this week, it has been languishing unloved in our garage.  I thought I'd best rescue it before D starts putting his man gubbins on it!)

Some thrifting ...

(If I weren't being succinct, I'd say that my heart skipped a beat when I spotted this Aynsley china posy to add to my ever-expanding collection; it's in such beautiful condition.)

(If I weren't being succinct, I'd tell you that I love, love, love this little jug.  The price?  20p from a car boot sale!  Are the flowers dog roses?)

(If I weren't being succinct, I'd let you know that this is actually a pair of vintage handmade curtains. There must be about 4 metres of fabric and, at £1.99, I couldn't not buy them!)

A trip to the hairdresser ...

(If I weren't being succinct, I'd tell you that I ALWAYS have highlights put in in May, I call it my 'summer hair'.  I've gone more copper than blond this year.)

Done a little crochet ...

 (If I weren't being succinct, I'd say that I was making slow but steady progress with my dear old blanket.  I've done 28 rows and am aiming for about 100.  The Sublime Baby Cashmere is a complete dream to crochet.)

Had some treats in the post ...

(If I weren't being succinct, I'd tell you that lovely Lynda, Hookin With LaaLaa, and I have done a little pressie swapsie.  She mentioned that she loved a particular pair of my handmade earrings so I sent her some and she, in turn, sent me the most wonderful package of goodies.  So wonderful, in fact, it is worthy of it's own blog post.)

Phew, it's hard being succinct.

See ya.
(If I weren't being succinct, I'd wish you all a fantabulous weekend, I'd thank all new followers for deeming me worthy and say that I love reading each and every comment even if I am a little behind in replying personally.)


PS.  My name is Heather and I am incapable of being succinct.  Up yours Mrs T.


  1. Fab finds, gorgeous crochet and great hair. Succinct can be good, but stick with the chuntering - it's far more interesting. Mrs T had no idea!
    Cathy X

  2. I love all your finds Heather and your crochet is looking gorgeous ...those colours are beauuuutiful :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Hehe, you do make me laugh Heather!!

    Love your fab thrifty finds and the colours in that blanket are fabulous!!

    S x

  4. Gorgeous crochet and great hair. I love all your finds Heather.

    Silver MLM

  5. Ah beautiful bonny Heather...up the T of big boobies and rabies!!! Who wants to be effing succint?

  6. A big red tick, a gold star and 10/10. Well done on a very flowery and very relevant post! lol! Teachers have a lot to answer for!

  7. Oh that fabric brings back memories, I had curtains and bedspread in that when I was a teenager and my sister had the same but in yellowy poo colours!!

  8. loving the blog - wotcha gonna do with that adorable wall shelf - have it as it is or are ya gonna shabby chic it hun???

  9. Ooooh blimey, what a laugh reading this post (found you via Chipper Nelly) I used to have an English teacher a bit similar, I reckon.
    Love your bargain finds and cannot get enough of that beautifully-coloured blanket. Matches the CK (?) linen.
    Am your newest follower so I don't have to miss out on any more lovely stuff.
    If you have the time, do pop over and see me at my blog- I love a bit of crochet too! Xx

  10. gahahahahahaaaaaaa! hilarious! what is it with the froth thing...makes me feel a wee bit gippy just thinking of it!

  11. what a great post, loving all your finds i have a vintage quilt cover which is very much the same as your curtains. ps i will try your suggestion for blogger x x

  12. Wonderful crochet blanket you have going there. I just love the vintage crochet pattern. Take it slow reaching your 100 row point. No need to rush the joyful journey. :D I am patiently waiting for the big VOILA moment in the future.


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