6 October 2011

Just A Few Of The Things I ♥ Today

(thank you Shabby Chic Sarah for advice!)

But, most of all, my beautiful baby who is ten years old today ...

Happy birthday precious girl.



  1. Happy Birthday ten year old!
    Lovely pics today.

  2. I love your loves too. I must put the Dottie Angel books down on my Christmas wish list.

    Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter xx

  3. oh i love your home and your car booty treasures x happy birthday beautiful girly xxxx

  4. Happy birthday to a very pretty little girl!!! Ten years, wow, doesn't it all go so fast...
    LOVE what you are loving. We are enjoying final roses too. ADORE your pillows and Shabby Chic Sarah is awesome for her tips. She has advised me on something too but I reckon it will be 8 years before I get round to it, as standard!!!
    Hope you are well. By the way, I went to a wedding on Sat and was the Lady in Red. I wore the red rose accessories you sent me and got loads of compliments. LUSH stuff, thanks again as ever.
    x x x x x x x

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter - what a pretty smile she has :) xx

  6. Happy Birthday to your lovely girl ~ hope that she enjoys her day :O)

  7. Ah, happy birthday to your baby girl.
    This post has made me feel slightly anxious about how long my WIP list is and how little I've actually achieved this week. Eeeeek! (Nothing to do with spending whole hours of my life messing about with blogger/Pinterest/etsy of course...)
    Have a jolly weekend
    Emily x

  8. Love your loves too Heather and belated Happy Birthday to your beautiful Blondie! I hope she had a fab day. Wow 10, where does the time go?!!!


  9. Lovely things, Heather...I love them too! Happy Belated Birthday to your lovely daughter! Have a great week.
    Helen x

  10. Lovely pictures , your daughter is very pretty the hat really suits her , i have a son of 15 ,2 daughters 12 and 5 and i cant believe how fast they grow up and where all the years have gone ,we have to treasure every moment x

  11. How did I miss this??
    Your daughter is so lovely, what a smile. Hope she had a fantastic day.
    How are you doing my love? xx

  12. Whatza lovely colourful blog you have, I love those mis-matched pillows and Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl.


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