9 November 2011

Little Owl

Do you like my little owl?

I bought him from Marks and Spencer this morning.  I couldn't not.  Look at that little flat face.

Blondie Daughter (just turned 10) is "not sure whether or not" she believes in Father Christmas.  "Well, if you don't mind, I shall keep leaving him a mince pie and glass of Baileys" I say, "because I absolutely do."  She really, really wants to believe but her friends keep telling her otherwise.  Big displays in shops emblazoned with 'Stocking Filler' signs don't help my cause.  Just a thought.



  1. Love your owl, very cute :D
    Karen x

  2. My boys are questioning too. Luckily, for now, they are not listening to friends.
    I think the day they find out it was really us all along they'll be very cross! I won't admit to anything..


  3. He DOES still exist :)

    Samantha (aged 33 1/2)


    p.s. I got the M&S LED owl at weekend and he is so cute too.

  4. One of the saddest things, I think, of parenthood when this happens!!
    If it's any consolation my kids are in their twenties now and we all believe again, it's great!!
    They get past that 'trying to be cool non-believing' stage.

  5. She's done well to get to 10 without someone spoiling the magic - I think mine were only 8 or 9 :( However for a long while they left something out - just asking first 'What do you fancy to eat/drink later Mum!!'

    Cute owl btw :)

  6. Little owl is incredibly cute! I don't think I'd have been able to wander away and leave him on the shelf either :-)

    Jem xXx

  7. Awww it's cute! You know I'd never thought about the stocking filler thing, yeah it's a bit naughty isn't it, I imagine it could lead to some difficult questions from smart kids.
    My youngest are 12 now and right up until last Christmas they were hedging their bets ;0)
    Kandi x

  8. What a sweet little owl, yes I can see why he had to be bought and taken homey xox My daughter begged me to tell her the truth about Santa at 10 and then she cried asking why I had lied to her when we've always told her to be honest and tell the truth! My reply was that it was together with the tooth fairy and easter bunny the only lies mums and dads should tell and that this was the first and last time i would say "wait till you are a parent" !! ;0)

  9. Such a sweet little white owl! And such a sad moment when your child begins to doubt the existence of Father Christmas, isn't it? Hope your little girl can keep on enjoying the magic for just a little longer...
    Helen x

  10. I now have a very serious case of the owl wanties!

  11. Hi, what a lovely litte ow I'm sure he had to fly home with you. My little who turned 10 last month is still trying to believe.

  12. Hola el búho de campanario así lo llamamos aquí es muy hermoso yo también lo compraría si lo encuentro en un negocio,y te cuento que mis hijos le mandaban mensajes en la chimenea metiendo la cabeza adentro era muy divertido y yo creo en que debe ser natural tu respuesta y que siga creyendo aun hoy mis hijos juegan a creer y ya son adolescentes y yo misma no borro esa ilusión de que papa noel existe hay que jugar un beso.

  13. Lovely cute owl!

    My stepson is 13 and every Christmas I tell him we're sending his presents to Santa to bring on Christmas day. He gives me a funny look but I think he quete likes to indulge me in my instance of keeping Santa alive! Stick with it! If you don't believe, he doesn't bring you presents.

    Nicki xx

  14. I want one! ... no wait... I want two!! Im new to blogging and am very glad Ive found your blog. Keep up the good work. Katie x

  15. think you've done well to get to 10! 2 out of my three don't believe anymore - makes me sad!
    cute owl...natch

  16. Well, our mince pie and whiskey dram keep disappearing each year, so he must exist! I only leave a 'mini mince pie' cos he has to eat so many, and he already looks a bit overweight.

  17. I still tell my boys at the age of 19 and 16 you must believe! :0)

    cute owl....

    Lou xxx

  18. I think once they break up from school and not feeling that peer pressure, they will believe again.....I'm sure my boys know but they humour me...bless x x x x x


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