28 January 2012

Spanish Skies

The painting of Blondie Daughter's room is going well.  After a brief deliberation, we ditched lilac and opted for blue.  Very blue.

She is apparently going to lie in her bed and gaze up at the blueness and imagine it to be a Spanish summer sky.

Incidentally, I always decorate with a vase of tulips nearby.  Don't you?!  ;-)

Happy weekend.



  1. I try to not be nearby decorating - I sneak off somewhere if at all possible and let others get on with it ;) I detest decorating with a vengance.

    Love the colour tho and the tulips!


  2. No, but if it helps with the decorating I'll give it a try!

  3. Why darhling....tulips are indeed a must! Mwah, mwah!! Loving the blue, it looks gorgeous as a back drop for the tulips :) bless blondies little heart x what a sweetie x

    Hope you have a super weekend x

    Jo x x x

  4. My favourite flowers, and as jelly jam said, if it helps get the work done quicker and better, I will have to try it out!. Kxx

  5. Lovely shade of blue,better than the dark skys of winter.tulips are pretty too.Love Jill xx

  6. The blue is a very pretty colour. Spanish skies.....it would work for me. Fortunately this morning I have very blue, very Australian skies to look at and a temperature of 35C to enjoy or swelter through depending on how you feel about hot weather.
    I always paint with tulips, or roses or snapdragons or hydrangeas, whatever flowers are in season. Isn't that what everyone does?! :)

    Have a fab day,
    Anne xx

  7. Lovely colour and well done for coaching Blondie daughter into ditching the lilac, even if you did it subconsciously!

    How do you get little rounded corners on your photos, pretty please?

    Nicki xx

  8. I love the blue paint, it will look so pretty in your daughter's room, and wonderful to lie looking at a sunny sky! The tulips do look perfect against it...just because you're decorating doesn't mean you can't still prettify the room a bit, does it??
    Have a happy decorating time.
    Helen x

  9. I found your lovely blog only yesterday and spent the whole late afternoon and evening reading it. I love the blue of your Walls and yes I think flowers are a must foe any decorating project, but these tulips are particularly beautiful. Nikki

  10. That makes me laugh - the things we do for blog pictures!!! I mean... naturally, who would decorate withOUT a vase of tulips - madness! ;o)
    Maria x

  11. Good choice with the room colour - it's gorgeous! I like the thought of Spanish Skies. And yes, I ALWAYS decorate with a vase of tulips - it's the only way to do it properly!!! XX

  12. Can't go wrong with blue! It features very heavily in my house!

  13. What a glorious very-blue blue! Summer skies indeed, or one of those crisp cloudless January days that we're so overdue.

  14. This blue is just so gorgeous. Nice choice. The tulips just added even more prettiness to the pinting. :)

  15. well hello, thankyou for commenting on my last post i have now a new post which is a lot more lighter to read. wow loving the blue and even though i havent done it, painting with tulips is a great idea x ps love you tutorial on your fab bunting x your crochet is very neat x

  16. I wish I had a blue ceiling so I can look up and think I'm in Spain! Nice touch with the tulips they really complement the blue.

  17. A beautiful blue! Just like the colour of the sky today.
    Pity it's sooooooooooo freezing cold!! :0)


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