20 March 2012

Lucky Me ...

Have you come across Fee's wooden blocks yet?  Oh my, they're completely charming.  A little while ago, I ordered a block from her NOTHS shop for a friend's new baby and was absolutely delighted with it (and truth be known a little reluctant to give it away which was silly since it was personalised with baby's details!).

Imagine how thrilled I was when I won my choice of a yellow block with the word 'sunshine' on it in Knitsofacto's recent giveaway.

I so love it!  And the spooky thing?  Pretty much since it arrived, the sun HAS been shining!

Look, she's even personalised it for me ...

Thank you so much Fee and Annie.

I'm obviously on a bit of a roll because I also won Country Rose's giveaway.  I know!  I had to pinch myself.  Just look at this little lot ...

They were an absolute joy to unwrap.

I shall sew the buttons onto a plain yellow cardigan I have ...

... the little floral pouch is now housing embroidery silks while I dabble a little with cross stitch (Ashley, did you make it yourself?) ...

I've worn the crocheted flower on numerous occasions ...

and the little strawberry cruet set is sitting oh-so-proudly on my kitchen table.

I know everybody always says the same but, seriously, I never win things.

Before I go ... D has been invited to a corporate golf weekend in Portugal in a fortnight.  Having not that long returned from a boys' skiing trip, he was a little sheepish when he mentioned it.  "Would you mind?" he asked.  Girls, you would have been proud of me.  "No, I suppose not ..." I said "but a new Cath Kidston duvet cover would make me feel a little bit better" ...

... *sigh*.

Right, just off to pick some lottery numbers ...



  1. Hehe.....I'm sure a Kath Kidston duvet cover would make you feel better no matter what the situation.....

    Gorgeous giveaway wins, what fun to find these little parcels in the post. Those little buttons, floral zip pouch an the brooch are perfect for Spring....bright and cheery.

    Beautiful Autumn weather continues on the other side of the globe.......

    Claire :}

  2. Oh well done bird. LOVE what you won. Fee's blocks are lush aren't they?! If I had the money, I'd buy a load. But alas!!!
    Gorgeous CK duvet. Must remember that hint.......and can't wait to see your cardie with the buttons when you sew them on.
    Much love x x x x

    1. Oh lucky you!! :) I love Fee's blocks, love seeing what she comes up with. Love your other gifts as well. The duvet cover, stunning. Enjoy.
      Anne xx

  3. Blimey! You are on a roll aren't you! :D

    I can't believe you won the other giveaway too! I sooo wanted one of Fee's blocks for myself.. hehe..!

    I'm so pleased you liked your goodies from me. Yes, I made the pouch myself. (hence the messy inside!)

    I am in Love with your new duvet cover, it's blimin' gorgeous! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  4. He he, clever girl! Love the new CK duvet cover!
    I have seen Fee's blocks on another blog and they are indeed gorgeous - yours is a lovely one.
    Well done on winning another giveaway too - some lovely stuff there!
    Enjoy all your new goodies!

    Gill xx

  5. Wow you have been lucky! Yay :) love your wins and the CK duvet cover.....I'm loving your style girlfriend *high five* :D ooooh I'd love that duvet cover *swoon* enjoy! :)

    Jo x x x

  6. Hee hee well done on your new Cath Kidston duvet cover, nice move :)
    Love all your beautiful wins also, you my dear are on a roll......
    its great
    Lol Karen x

  7. What lovely things - lucky you! Yes, get a lottery ticket while you are on a winning streak!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. te he - how lovely to see your little sunshine block on your blog - Annie really did a super dooper giveaway! And Ashley's too? what a splendid week - good things DO sometimes happen to good people.
    What a shame you can't tag along to said golf resort, book (and glass of wine) in hand....saying that, I'd probably take the CK bedding instead too...good work!
    fee x

  9. Beautiful post, Heather. Well done on your two gorgeous giveaway wins...it's no secret that I LoVe Fee's blocks! and also your wonderful CK treats! The flowery buttons on a plain cardigan is a great idea. Love the crochet flower corsage, such lovely colours. And guess what I have ordered for my bed too??? Too delicious!
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  10. How exciting! I usually don't win things either and I know a couple of times when I have I am SO THRILLED! Your treats are so nice! And I love the way you got your new duvet cover ;) Just exactly the way I would have worked that out! HA! Let us know about the whole lottery thing! Good Luck Girl!!!

  11. I love seeing people whose blogs I follow win the giveaways that I see on blogs! Well done you! :-) those blocks are gorgeous so will be popping over to have a look at fee's blog too...

    Jcust love that photo of the duvet cover on the line...Spring is coming! :-)
    Nikki x

  12. You really are having a lucky streak! I love the block, and the buttons will look fab on a yellow cardi. I've just bought myself one ready for Spring and I shall be updating the buttons too - fabric ones look so cute! Good luck with the lottery! I keep saying "When I win the lottery I'll..." despite not having bought a ticket for years! C XX

  13. So glad you like your sunshiny block Heather, Fee is such a star. And congratulations on your other win, such pretty things x

  14. Hahaha...."would make me feel better" class!!!

  15. Wow, how lucky you are!!

    Those buttons are really beautiful I am quite jealous!

    Fleur xx

  16. Ooh...such lovely treats...everything is so pretty...you are definitely on a winning streak Heather...I love Fee's blocks and am having a good think how I would like mine...a difficult decision...they are all so lovely and Ashley's Giveaway is just gorgeous!
    Well done on the bargaining front...I love Cath Kidston duvet covers...definitely a successful deal!
    Hope you are having a lovely sunny week,
    Susan x

  17. Hi Heather, thanks for your comment on mine!
    I came here hoping to see lots of lovely freshly painted fences and sheds and things but I guess you are either still hard at it or waiting for your hands to work again after all that painting!
    I hope you're going to show us, it all sounds lovely!

    Enjoy this lovely weather!
    Gill xx

  18. That block is gorgeous, and wow! what a gorgeous giveaway prize stash. That pouch is lovely.Lucky you hehe x

  19. Lucky you for winning your giveaways and i love your new duvet and the buttons xx

  20. You are a lucky girl!
    Have a lovely Easter.
    Lou xxx


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