28 October 2012

Half Term's Nearly Over

Hello to you!

I thought I'd make the most of today's precious extra hour and pop by.

Besides, I've given myself the day off today.  It's gone 4pm and I'm still in my pyjamas!

Supper is sorted.  A few weeks ago I treated myself to a slow cooker.  Come the halcyon days of summer, I daresay it won't see the light of day but, for now, it's my new best friend.  As I type, the delicious aroma of Mustard Chicken and Bacon Casserole is filling the house.  (I know I'm quite late to the slow cooker party so I'd love to hear your recipe book suggestions if you have any.)

Homework is done (I think).  Shoes are polished and school uniforms are ironed and hanging ready for tomorrow.

Before you start revering me as some sort of domestic goddess, I assure you that the house is a complete tip.  Never mind.  It can wait for another day.

So, half term's nearly over.  I've always found that the very first half term of the school year renders the children quite exhausted so this break is always very welcome.

We haven't ventured far this week.  We haven't needed to.  Walking Bertie has given us plenty of opportunity to enjoy the season's colours.

When the sun shone on the ivy on this wall, it looked like it was on fire.  Stunning.  (You might recognise it as being my new header.)

D's been baking again.  I think The Great British Bake Off put him in the mood.  Frangipane anyone?

Regular readers will know I'm a savoury girl and would, consequently, rather eat my own feet than a frangipane.  The Blondies thoroughly enjoyed them though.  Hopefully I have redeemed myself a little by putting a photo of them on my blog.  (He gets terribly thrilled when I do!)

Thank you so much for your kind comments about my wrist warmer.  You'll be pleased to hear that I did manage to make the second and I'm pretty sure the two are identical.  I photographed it as I crocheted so when I've had the chance to write the pattern up, I'll pop it on here if you fancy?

As for the rest of that delicious Rooster yarn, well I've opted for a simple striped blanket.

It's quite simply rows of half trebles which is my absolute favourite crochet stitch.  It's less holey than trebles but more fluid than doubles.  Of course, being just the one stitch, it does have the potential to be quite monotonous to crochet but the regular colour changes are keeping it quite moreish so far.  Plus, as each row takes me about twenty minutes, it's very easy to pick up and put down.

I just love the way the single white rows make the colours zing!

Right-o, a cup of tea beckons so I'll love you and leave you.

Keep cosy won't you?



  1. Lovely colours in your blanket, we've had a very laid back half term too, no less than two whole PJ days, some sleepovers, autumn walks, it's been lovely! Back to the early morning rush tomorrow, at least it will be lighter for a while! I hate dark mornings! Ada :)

  2. A PJ day is just the best isnt it?
    I got a couple of days off at the end of last week, although very busy going out and about.

    So yesterday I just stayed at home - bliss!

    Have a cosy evening, Helenxx

  3. Our 1/2 term has only just started - after the first 8 weeks of school it was much needed :) Big son has mountains of homework - the joys of 6th form.

    However they've all just cleared off to a late afternoon showing of Skyfall and I'm here happily cooking a roast and crocheting :)

    Love the ivy picture - very fire like - loving the blanket too :)

  4. Ooh the frangipanes look delicious! Would love to peek at the pattern for your writs warmers and the blanket is going to the lovely, that yarn looks dreamy!
    Victoria xx

  5. Lovely autumnal colours and that frangipani looks gorgeous ... can't believe you don't like sweet things, but really wish I didn't! Half term has just started here this week, so we'll be taking it easy at Thriftwood this week.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

    Love, Claire xx

    1. Ha! Don't worry Claire, I make up for it with cheese and nuts!!! Enjoy your week. x

  6. Love your autumnal photo's! I love my slow cooker and my favourite recipe is chicken and chorizo sausage casserole. Delish! You can find the recipe on netmums website. Enjoy your adventure in slowcooking! :-)

    1. Ooh that sounds lush. I'll go have a looksee. Thank you. x

  7. I love all the beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing it with us. And the frangipan makes my mouth water :) Also, I adore the simplicity of the colorful blanket you are crocheting. Very cozy and homey indeed!

  8. Lovely pics I love the colours of autumn so warm and cosy.Your cakes look yummy and love your cup and saucer.Have a good week love Jill xx

  9. gorgeous blanket! :).........vivienne x

  10. Frangipane! Yes please!! They look good. The blanket looks good too - I still have yarn envy.
    Half-term has only just started here and I have packed them off to the Grandparents for 2 nights so we can get some decorating done. We went into #2's bedroom today to find 'Happy Hallowe'en' and several ghosts graffitied on the wall. It's just as well that's the room we were due to paint this afternoon!

  11. our half term has only just started here in essex, but like you it is much needed, especially for tomas in his first year at school. i've not even made it to the slow cooker party yet, but i keep hearing all these delicious recipes so really must get in on the act. i haven't watched the bake off thingy so have no idea what a frangipane is!!! but they do look delicious!!!
    your blanket looks lovely and i might have to try the half treble as i did find the treble a bit holey, thanks for the heads up xx

  12. Hi Heather, I love your autumnal views and your latest blankey is looking gorgeous already. The colours are just perfect....pretty and pastel without looking washed out. I love half trebles too ....and use them a lot for all the reasons you said .
    Jacquie x

  13. I wish some of D's baking fever would rub off on my husbando. He never bakes. I reckon he has only cooked 8 times in our marriage. It's annoying because he is really good at it too.

    I love Autumn. I could write a long list as to why I love it, but I'll spare you!

    I love a soft stripey blanket. those colours are right up my street.


  14. I'll eat your frangipanes for you ;)

    So much lovely colour in these pictures. I'm afraid I don't have a clue about half trebles, but I do like the look of what you're doing with them :D

  15. We're keeping cosy here too, BUT not with yummy fangipanes or pretty CK cups!!
    Such pretty pictures, and i think you ARE a domestic Goddess!!

  16. Stunning autumn photos, Heather. I love the look of the frangipanes (love the name too!), and your cosy cup of tea....and how gorgeous your new crochet is looking!!
    Helen x

  17. Thanks for your lovely comment my dear. I tried to email you but couldn't find your address. Your secret made me very envious! I love Dorset and could happily settle there - it ticks all my boxes!
    I love Rooster yarn, and your crochet colours are gorgeous. Stay cosy!
    Much love, Cathy XX

  18. Hi H x

    Oh yes please! Do make up a tutorial as I would love to make a pair!!

    Hope you're ok x I miss you on Instagram but then bloggers get to enjoy your posts so all good!! It's just gone 2pm and I'm still in my pyjamas! So much to do on the computer and no car means ah what the hell!! Oh and the comment above....does that mean your little secret mean you might be closer to Wiltshire soon?!! Dorset isn't far at all!! I shall ask no more *sits on hands, buttons lips and shuts up*

    Love & hugs to you,

    Jo x x x

  19. Such beautiful colours! Thanks for sharing.

  20. so pretty-- I'd be delighted if you'd post the pattern. (thanks in advance!)

  21. Pattern for the blanket? I realize it's single crochet, just wondering if the white rows are one row each direction or just a single row between color rows? Beautiful!

  22. I love your crochet blanket and have decided this weekend to start one, so luckily we have a very good yarn shop nearby. Can I ask how many chain stitches you made and are there two rows of white or just a single row between the colours? Thank you, Ann

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Oh yes please is there a pattern. Crochet isn't my number one skill but this blanket has inspired me to do more.

  25. Hi. Your blanket is gorgeous. I really would love the pattern as a friend that is pregnant has asked me to crochet this. Could you also tell me the dimensions? Thanking you in advance x

    1. Hi Jeanette. Thanks for your lovely comment. The blanket is so simple; simply rows of half trebles - two rows of colour and one row of white. The beginning of each stripe (whether white or colour) starts right side - does that make sense? I always find, working with a 4.5mm hook, that a starting chain of 120 makes a nice sized baby blanket which measures approximately 28"/70cm wide (depending on your gauge - I'm quite a tight crocheter!). Hope helps! x

  26. Hi
    I absolutely love this blanket, did you use the rooster DK or Aran, and also which colours are they? W

  27. I am in Canada so wondering if your half trebles are my half double crochets?


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