3 June 2012

Too Hot To Crochet - A Rambling Catch Up

Well, perhaps not now, but it has been!

My poor little blog has been a bit neglected this month.  What can I say?  I'm a fickle creature.  The weather has been so glorious I've been outside as much as possible.

Pottering among the perennials!

Just soaking up the sun and surrounds.  Isn't it wonderful to feel the Vitamin D coursing through your veins?

One of my favourite things about the sunshine is the way it brings people out of their houses.  I absolutely love where I live; a long tree-lined road inhabited by folk from all walks of life.  We have a real sense of community which is in no small part down to the efforts of a handful of us who started a monthly get-together at the local church hall after the success of a Golden Jubilee party ten years ago.

Anyway, I don't know about you but I find it hard to crochet when it's hot.  My hands get clammy so hook-wielding is a struggle and the thought of anything woolly near my skin gives me the willies.

My stripy cushion is sitting unfinished ... 

and my poor little thingummy (following the lovely Annaboo's Crochet Along) is still legless!  I don't think I chose the best yarn to be honest, (Debbie Bliss' Eco Cotton), it's stupendously splitty!

What I am thoroughly enjoying at the moment is cross stitch!

Things seem to have moved on massively since I last cross-stitched about ten years ago.  Or perhaps that's just me?!  I'm sure it used to be all about Winnie The Pooh and twee bookmarks.  Things have gotten so much prettier and fresher and there is so much inspiration around.

The Cath Kidston 'Stitch' book rekindled my interest, as did the wonderful Helen Philips, cross stitch creator extraordinaire!

One other reason for my extended absence might just have been *hangs head in sheepish shame* my new addiction to Instagram!  I love it!  If it's your thing, do come and say "hello".  My privacy settings are quite stringent as I've had one too many dubious types wanting to add me to their list of 70000 followees but I'll know who you are if you blog.  I'm 'pinkmilk40'.

Cheerio for now and, to my fellow Commonwealth friends, I do hope you enjoy this deliciously long weekend and have a very ...