29 July 2012

Ile De Re

We've just had the loveliest holiday!

There is a little island, off the west coast of France at La Rochelle, called Ile De Re.

It's beautiful.  Steeped in history.  Approximately 20 miles from tip to tip.

We camped and, being the fair weather camping novice that I am, were delighted that the sun shone every day.  The best way to get around was by bicycle; there are miles and miles of cycle paths.  The island is very flat - a blessed relief for people like me wanting nothing other than to effortlessly tootle and enjoy the scenery.

There are vines as far as the eye can see.  We sampled a number of delicious wines that the island produces ... naturally!

Hollyhocks grow absolutely everywhere.  From solitary stems in pavement cracks to abundant bushes.

These Dublin Bay prawns were delicious.  I also nibbled away at the seaweed garnish which was surprisingly delightful.  Sort of like a meaty lettuce.  Until the waitress said "ooohhh, algae, non, non, non!"  Yikes!  I spent the next day or so thinking it might be my last!

I love the IDEA of oysters.  In reality, no thanks.  Sea snot.

No technology.  No make-up or hair straighteners.  No routine.  No obligations.  Just me and my little family and nature's playground.  A joy.


Edited to add : I've just been reading up about Ile De Re and it would appear that Johnny Depp has been known to holiday there.  Damn.  Had I known, I would have kept my eyes peeled!