30 December 2012

A Cornish Christmas

We returned last night from a week in Mevagissey, Cornwall.  The four of us and my lovely Mum In Law.  A wonderful friend let us stay in his beautiful home whilst he Christmassed with family elsewhere.

His house is built high up into the rocks; the view of the harbour is breathtaking.  I lost count of how many hours I sat out on the deck, swaddled in coats, just drinking it in.

D and I were so loathed to shut it out, we slept with our bedroom window wide open.  We even loved being awoken by the chorus of seagulls early every morning as the fishing boats departed.  (Brazen creatures though aren't they?!)

We didn't venture so far during the week.  We strolled around the narrow streets of Mevagissey town a few times (loveliest little independent shops) and walked along the coast to nearby Portmellon and Gorran Haven, seeking refuge in cosy pubs when the rain beat down.

We ate, drank, chatted, watched television (still reeling from the end of Downton Abbey), played new board games, squabbled a bit, and I crocheted.

Sounds wonderful doesn't it?  It was.

I do so love coming home though.  We've been feeling a bit 'in limbo' for the past few months whilst we've been contemplating our future.  For various reasons, we've been umming and ahhing about whether to up sticks and move away from Leicestershire and start afresh down south.  I'm sure you can imagine how complicated it would be.  However, we have finally decided to stay put.  We've made plans, exciting plans, and I feel a renewed optimism for the future.

2013 eh?  Bring it on!

I do hope your Christmas was merry and bright.