27 February 2013

Easter Tree

Looking back through last year's pictures, I notice I'm a tad early with my Easter tree this year!  Impatience?

Aah well.

I selected a few choice branches from my lilac in the garden again and plonked them unceremoniously in a jug of water.  The tight buds have already started to unfurl in the warmth and light of the lounge.

I do love a living and breathing Easter tree.

I feel sure one year I had a bunch of pussy willow in a jug but the furry buds (catkins?) gave me the heebie jeebies.

If you've been following me for a while, you may recognise a couple of favourite decorations adorning the branches.

There's Miss Buttercup who I bought from the lovely Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet ...

My Cath Kidston egg which, I think, originally had a soap in it ...

My lovely Gisela Graham bird ...

But, wait!!!

Be still my beating heart ...

Did you ever see such a pretty egg?

And there's not just one.  Oh, no, no, there are three in the set and they're from Greengate.  A little Easter gift to me from me!

I think the red one is my favourite.  Or perhaps the blue.  Maybe the green.  No, definitely the red!

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my round crocheted cushion.  Quite a number of people have asked me for a pattern so I'm writing up a sort of 'how to'.  I hope to finish it tonight and will post it as soon as.

Before I go, Blondie daughter has joined the Girl Guides.  She absolutely loves it!  It's only her second meeting tonight and she has been asked to take some cakes for a sale.  Ugh!  As you know, this mummy doesn't DO cakes (remember this???) so I should like to take this opportunity to offer up a big thank you to whoever it was that first came up with the idea of ready-made fairy cakes, ready-made butter icing and stick on decorations!!!


Edited to add ... Blondie daughter has asked me to point out that she decorated the cakes by herself, on her own, with no involvement from me whatsoever.  I wasn't even allowed in the room at the time.  Didn't she do well?!


  1. I do like the idea of an Easter tree. I even have a bag full of Easter decorations somewhere. I suspect I'll find them the first week in April. I'm good like that!

    1. Hehe, I'm just the same with advent calendars!!! ;-)

  2. I love easter decs - I shall be hunting mine out in a few weeks - probably won't be up for long this year but they will appear for a few days :)

    Love the cakes - those flowers always look lovely - just a shame my boys wouldn't appreciate them!!

  3. Those cakes are fab! I have a box of Easter decorations but I can never remember where I have left them. Now that I have seen yours,maybe I should start looking...

  4. This MUmmy doesn't do cake baking either! It can never be too early for such lovely eater eggs! :) x

  5. Love that Easter tree. I think the red egg may be my favourite, but the green is nice too... oh but that blue is gorgeous. ;)
    Blondie daughter did well decorating that cake. Looks yummy

  6. Your Easter tree is very sweet. I am in love with your cushion below though, it is just gorgeous.
    M xxxx

  7. I love your Easter tree decorations.
    Anne xx

  8. You've adorned your Easter Tree beautifully, very inspirational x

  9. Gorgeous Easter tree and it must make the place look very Springlike after all this horrible greyness. I love the red egg too.

  10. I can't wait to get my tree up - it feels like Spring is really here when the decorations come out. I love your Greengate ones (I like the red one best!). I bought a bag of polystyrene eggs from The Works for £1 so I may have a crafty afternoon at the weekend with the girls and try to make some new decs - mine are getting a bit old and tatty, but I can't bear to part with them. The cakes looked yummy by the way!! XX

  11. I have never had an Easter tree, but that is seriously pretty! Like the look of your round cushion tutorial as well, will have to add that to my long list! Are round cushion pads easy to come by? x

  12. I think your tree is beautiful and - considering our nearby supermarket was stocking Easter eggs on New Years Day (can you believe it?!) - not too early at all! x Jane

  13. Blondie daughter did brilliantly!

    Loving the Easter tree. I have three little Gisela Graham glass birds I was given, currently hanging from the light fitting, but perhaps I should do something similar with them :)

    And yes, definitely the red egg, or possibly the blue ... how could you choose ;)

  14. Those little eggs are gorgeous, such pretty colours. The cakes look yummy!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  15. Hi Heather - ah yes, I do recognise something tulipy in the background!
    Happy New Year!
    Felicity x


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