15 February 2013


I'm lucky to have a surfeit of flowers adorning mantels and windowsills at the moment.  It was our 15th wedding anniversary yesterday.  It seems quite hard to believe in some ways but, truthfully though, I can't really remember the time when I didn't have D beside me in life.  I adore that man of mine.

When, as two love-struck twenty-somethings, we were setting the date for our wedding, the prospect of Valentines Day falling on a Saturday was too much to resist.  Romantic?  Yes, I guess.  With hindsight though, perhaps not such a good idea.  We've taken to going out for a celebratory meal a little before or after the date and get a bit sniffy about sharing 'our' day with everybody else!

D bought me 15 red roses.  Apparently the rose is the flower associated with fifteen years of marriage.

We had a posy of daffodils from Blondie Daughter and tulips from my Mum In Law.

And that cheeky teenaged son of mine?  Well, lest we should get carried away by hearts and flowers ...

Ha!  And I always thought I was unphotogenic!

I hope you felt loved yesterday.



  1. Happy Anniversary! Love that card your son got you.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! That card would have been one my sons would have picked too. I get the worst birthday cards, but they seem to find them funny! ha ha!


  3. Hi Heather
    Congrats!!! Such lovely roses. Our weather is far too hot here for roses, so we rarely see them in our shops but I do love them!! Please visit my blog amariefieldcraft.blogspot.com
    and check out our valentine experience

  4. Haha! That card is classic.
    Do love a rose.
    Have a lovely weekend and Happy Anniversary for yesterday! XXX

  5. Happy Anniversary!!
    Beautiful roses and funny card :)

    Lluisa x

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both, Heather! Your red roses are very beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing the card from your son :D
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  7. Happy Anniversary for yesterday .your roses are beautiful,and your boys card is great,made me laugh.
    Here's to the next 15 and more.xxx

  8. Happy Anniversary Sounds like you had a fantastic day. Children can be so mean to us parents.Ha! Ha!

  9. What beautiful flowers! Happy Anniversary to you both :)

  10. Ooh beautiful roses Heather! Happy Anniversary to you both....I remember your wedding day like it was last week :-) Hope you had a fab day.
    Love Caroline xx

  11. Happy Anniversary, love the card too!

  12. It made me laugh that you chose romantic Valentine's Day for your wedding (Happy Anniversary, btw) - we chose not so romantic April Fools Day for ours. Couldn't resist when finding out it was a Saturday that year!

  13. Happy (belated) Anniversary... And hehe at the card :) x

  14. Happy anniversary!
    And I love that card from your son!
    Have a great week!

  15. A belated Happy Anniversary. I love roses, and I very rarely have any - might have to remedy that!

  16. Happy belated Anniversary :) x cool date x hope you had a lovely one and got double spoilt xxxxJane xxxx

  17. A belated happy anniversary from me!! Gorgeous flowers (gorgeous jug too!) Lucky you having your lovely man beside you all this time, hope you had a lovely day (despite all those rotters trying to share it with you!) x


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