20 April 2013

Anemones ...

Hello!  It's me!

Isn't it a beautiful day?

I'm actually kicking my heels waiting for someone to collect some furniture we sold on eBay.

"This morning" they said, so I'm pottering around and listening out for a knock on the door.

Will you join me in a little anemone love while I wait?

I have one smallish pot and a large trough in the garden both planted with anemones.  I think they're my favourite flower.  The colours are amazing.  Mother Nature, you're a clever bird.

Have I told you that we've been tackling DIY projects on quite a large scale over the last couple of months?  Big room change-arounds and a lot of decorating.  Most of my crafty bits have been packed away in boxes or stacked in teetering piles.  It's driven me completely bonkers and I hope goes some way to explain why I've been MIA.

Well, today is the day that the new flooring is fitted in my craft room and then I can move in!!!

To say I'm wildly excited is an understatement.

We've lots of catching up you and I so I'll be back again very soon.

I'll leave you with pictorial evidence of my latest personal challenge - I'm learning to knit ...

... let's just say I'm not finding it very easy!!!

Have a wonderful sunny weekend.



  1. Your anemones are lovely such vibrant colours. I've also been looking further back at your posts and love your cushion tutorial - I've made a few frilly cushions. Have fun in your new craft room and good luck with your knitting x

  2. Hiya, the knitting is looking good! Love the anemones.

    Luv Jane xx

  3. Gorgeous anenomes Heather...that blue is amazing!
    Good luck with your knitting :)
    Love Caroline xxx

  4. I love anemones never had much luck myself growing them. There lovely colours and fab photographs. Hope the knitting went well :)

  5. The anemones look beautiful, so lovely to have things flowering at last. The knitting is looking good, nice even stitches. Stick with it, and you'll be flying in no time!

    S x

  6. What beautiful colours. Your pics are wonderful. Good luck with the knitting.

  7. Morning! Your anemones are so pretty! :).... I just moved into a new craft room too! I just finished unpacking everything about a week ago. I love it. Have fun arranging everything in your new room, and making it the perfect crafty place ever! ... Good luck with your knitting. I'm so sloooooow at knitting. After crocheting for so long, I just can't get used to using two needles! Have a fun day! xo

  8. Glorious anemones. And while you may not be finding it easy, your knitting is really even. I think that's at least half the battle.

  9. Love your anemones. I just bought some from the supermarket last week and they are lasting so well. I tried to grow them a while back without much success - your have inspired me to have another go! x

  10. Your anemones are beautiful Heather! Good luck with your knitting venture...I've knitted for as long as I can remember and now I'm finally learning to crochet! It will be lovely for you to have your new crafty space...have fun!
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x

  11. Hi Heather, sounds like you've been a busy bee on the decorating front, but it's usually well worth the hard work and upheaval.And a lovely new craft area!
    The anemones are so pretty - gorgeous colours.
    Good luck with the knitting - had a bash at it years ago but not my thing, much prefer crochet!
    Gill xx

    1. Thanks Gill. *whispers* I prefer crochet too - seriously, you've never seen anyone quite so cack-handed as me when I knit!!! ;-) x

  12. Wow... your knitting look so neat. I's just started to knit, its not easy. I look forward to seeing your progress xxx

  13. Hello Heather! Your decorating projects at home sound very exciting!! I am more of a crocheter but after seeing a gorgeous soft chunky blanket in a shop recently and Sue's (at the Quince Tree) socks.... am really tempted to give knitting a try. Are you watching the Great British sewing bee on BBC2? Being able to make some of my own clothes is another of my projects this year!!! So many things to do and learn but so little time.... Look forward to seeing your progress! Pati x

    1. Yes, Pati - I'm hooked on TGBSB too! Isn't it good? I should love to be able to make my own clothes - there are just so many gorgeous fabrics around. Good luck with your knitting - I'm keeping an open mind - it hasn't clicked with me yet. Crochet will always be my favourite. x

  14. Your knitting looks lovely and neat for a beginner! Nice flowers too - Saturday was about our only sunny day here up North, more's the pity.


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