3 July 2013

Blogging Or Instagram Or Both?

Hello there!

This post is a sort of continuation of my 'good for the soul remedies' I think.  I've been feeling very mentally cluttered and know there is huge room for improvement in the way I organise my time.  Or rather the way I don't organise my time.

For the purpose of this post, I'm going to talk primarily about blogging and Instagramming.

I consider both blogging and Instagramming as 'my time'.  They're an essential hobby and, selfish or not, I need them both to be part of my life.

There is no need for me to be prolific - I don't have a business to promote or anything to sell.  I don't Tweet and I rarely check in on Facebook.  I indulge in blogging and Instagram for purely personal reasons.

I just don't think I've got the balance right yet.  Sadly it's my blog that's suffering - my posts are too sporadic and I get terribly cross with myself that your kind comments are going unacknowledged.  Trust me, I read every one and do float in and out of your blogs from time to time, only getting distracted or called away before I get chance to comment.  Bad blogging manners I'm afraid and it won't do.  For example, Patricia left the loveliest comment on my last post just this morning and it made my day.  Seriously.  Now, ordinarily, she wouldn't have known that.

The other thing that has been bugging me is that there have been several scenarios I should have shared with you, here on my blog, rather than just Instagram because I know you'd have enjoyed them.

Instagramming is easy because it's so spontaneous.  I've always kept my profile private so that I'm confident of my smallish audience.  I often liken it to a magical little world inside my phone.  Clicking the little Instagram icon is, for me, like opening a door to Narnia.  Only it's not Narnia, it's a group of like-minded, inspiring, supportive, entertaining friends who are almost constantly on call.  I consider a lot of people I have met on Instagram as proper friends.  I think that's because there is far more opportunity for conversation.

Truthfully?  Being a stay at home mum/work from home mum can get a little lonely.  Spaniels are wonderful listeners but their conversational skills aren't so great!!!  A quick exchange on Instagram about the benefits of a certain type of yarn over another or what we're all cooking for supper gives me pleasure and sets me up for the day.

I don't put as much thought into most of my Instagram photographs and consequently don't keep many of them.  I think they convey my mood more than anything of particular photographic interest.

Blogging is more measured - taking the time to construct a post affords me the opportunity to think through what I'm conveying to anyone who might be reading.  To censor myself I suppose!  Think yourself lucky that you don't run the risk of being confronted with an extra large photograph of me after a few vinos and a skittish caption!!!

I am in total admiration of those clever few who maintain a balanced presence on both their blog and Instagram.  Yes, I mean you Sandra Cherry Heart and Chipper Nelly.  I'm sure there are others but these are the two that always spring to my mind.

I hope you don't mind me voicing my thoughts (I'm aware they're a bit jumbly) but it really does help.  It has also made me realise just how much I love and miss regular blogging.

I think one of my problems is that I make heavy weather of composing a lengthy and varied post.  Don't you agree, shorter and more frequent posts are just as, if not more, engaging?

One of my favourite blogs at the moment is Tales From A Happy House.  To me, Gillian has the most perfectly balanced blog and her posts are always a delight.  I do hope she won't mind me saying this, but her posts can occasionally be no more than sharing a 'moment' or two.  Now that I know she is on Instagram too, I'm shamed into making more of an effort.

Yes, that's what I'm going to do.  Make the effort to be a little less mutually exclusive.  So, in answer to Blogging Or Instagram Or Both?  The answer is Both.  I'm going to start sharing more 'moments' with you here and see how we go.

I think I'm feeling better about it already ...



  1. I must have a think about Instagram for some reason I worry about who can see my pics - glad you are going to keep up with blogging though as you would be missed x

    1. Thanks so much! x

      If you do decide to launch yourself into Instagram, ensure your profile is set to 'private' from the offset - that way anyone who wants to follow you and see your photos will have to be approved by you. They won't be visible to anyone who doesn't have your permission.

  2. I think we all struggle with the balance at times. I just recently wrote about Instagramming as well and how spontaneous and fun it is. No major photo session set ups, waiting for the right light or editing photos for hours. No thinking of text, writing it and editing before pushing the publish button. IG is just a snap shot of the moment and I am so in love with it. But blogging is essential for me as well. Maybe that is the graphic designer in me but I love the process of putting a blog post together and being the editor, photographer, author and layout artists for my posts. But it is time consuming and that frustrates me and more than once have I almost given up and pulled the plug.

    I think like you, a snap shot do very well in blog land too. We don't have to write a book. Often some eye candy can do. A reflection or a this is what I'm doing today. Whats' up with you. This is gonna be interesting. I am looking forward to your new view and plans of blogging. I think this will be perfect for you and for us readers. Bring it on!

    My Rose Valley

    1. How interesting that we are in exactly the same bit of Blogland as your generosity in answering my queries has really made my day today x

    2. Thanks so much Annette. Of course, you are another person who I think strikes the perfect balance between both. I refuse to give either of them up and am determined to find a way that works for me. Watch this space!!! x

  3. If I was you I would not worry too much about anything as it really does seep energy. Just do whatever feels right for you exactly when you want to.... Sounds perfect xx

  4. Your relationship with Instagram is similar to mine with Twitter. I love it, but then I forget to blog about things if I've already tweeted them - because mentally that event is already "done". The balance *is* hard, and I haven't yet mastered it.

    1. Yes!!! You're so right. Plus, the problem with Instagram is that once it's gone, it's pretty much gone (I don't know if Twitter is the same) whereas blogs are more like diaries. I miss that. x

  5. I love Instagram because its so easy and quick but blogging still has a part for more detailed posts.

    Must confess because of all the changes in my life this year blogging has suffered but I am hopeful once I've moved I will be blogging more again because there will be more to talk about - really not vintage shopping at the moment nor creating much crafty stuff.

  6. Instagram killed the Blog Writing Star and I resent it. No one reads blogs any more it seems. My last post got a mere 2 comments. I don't blog for comments as love keeping a diary but it's indicative of how so many people are flocking to Instagram.
    Yes IG is great because it's quick, but to me, it's also very lazy social media. Easy to show off, without having to put any effort in to write, and I am noticing less unusual things in IG. Everyone is eating the same, wearing the same, drinking from the same mug, buying the same. At first I found it cute, now I question where originality has gone.
    For this reason, I am coming off IG for good this summer. And Facebook! And Twitter!
    I have a baby due as you know and I want more treasured moments away from the technology. Blogging will continue but only once a week I think.
    I also find it bizarre how we are all assuming others are THAT interested in our loves. I hate the egotistical element and am sucked in too, hence it's time to depart!!!

    Phew, finally got that one off my chest!!!


  7. I think you should just do what you want, when you want to. No pressure, no worries! I only have a blog, no twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram and no Pinterest, yet still I can't manage to post that much. The past two years have been so hectic and busy for me, I just couldn't fit much free (me) time in. Things are starting to settle down a bit now, and I'm happy about that, but six months ago I just about deleted my entire blog because I thought I'd never again have the time for it. I'm glad I stopped short of deleting my banner and account! I love reading your blog, and if you just jump in with a quickie post or a long one, it won't matter. Do whatever you're in the mood to do...I'll still be here, and so will lots of others! Have a very sparkly sort of weekend! ;) xo

  8. Thank goodness you're not leaving too, what with CocoRose the other day, it'd just be too many good people going! I hope you do find a balance that makes you happy dear Heather, cos we would miss you like crazy if you went. I'm glad that you think I have the balance right, I assure you it really doesn't feel that way sometimes. The way I try to think of it is, my blog is my thing and the other bits are support systems for the blog. Although having said that, I do love Instagram in it's own right too. I think you are right on the money though when you say blog posts don't have to be so long, that was when blogging got easier for me, I figured if I'd had enough the rest could wait till another post. I'd rather do a couple of shorter ones than one big long one. Anyway, as I say, I hope you find what works for you! :-D

    S x

  9. Hi Heather As a relatively new Blogger ( think its been a whole week now ! )I would like to add that it was Blogs like yours that gave me the inspiration to start my own - so thank You. I ABSOLUTELY love having a Blog - and wish I'd done it sooner. So absolutely you must keep blogging x
    Kate justpootling.blogspot.co.uk

  10. I'm glad you've not decided to disappear from blogland too, there seem to be lots of folks giving up recently. Little snapshots are just as interesting as longer posts and are much easier to manage. xx

  11. Dear Heather, it is really lovely that you have decided to stay in blogland as your blog is one of my favourite ones.

    I don't use instagram as I don't really have a lot of time for it. For what I hear, it seems to me like a faster and more spontaneous way of socialising with people but perhaps,as it is the case with facebook, it is becoming more of a lazy tool to express things: more and more instead of writing things on facebook, we just press the "like" button to acknowledge a comment and that's it... Sometimes I wonder about it.... as I don't like it.
    I feel that at least with a blog, you will always keep a record, like a diary for posterity, for your kids to read etc and that, I guess would be great. Sometimes I have thought of the idea of having a blog for personal reasons, to record the small things in life, the mundane, the simple things (which we don't usually do) but with three little ones and a University degree on the go, I would not be able to do it.

    I feel that technology is great but it can take quite a bit of my time and recently I have decided to just focus on my favourite blogs to organise my time as it was getting a little bit mad and time consuming.

    You shouldn't feel pressure in writing posts, or making them long or showing new things all the time etc sometimes the simplest posts are the nicest; the most important thing is for you to enjoy doing them, really.

    I agree with you about Gillian's blog and Cherry's one too, I only discovered them recently but they have become part of my favourite list. I know you follow the quince tree which is great too but would also recommend two others that I really like: Posie gets cozy and Saidos da Concha as they are both very inspirational, they have snapshots of peoples lives, with beautiful pics and ideas and not always have loads written on them.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I feel that bloggers are increadibly generous in their sharings and that's why, even though I don't have a blog, I like to write comments as often as I can to show that there's somebody at the other end enjoying what you write or show.

    Have a lovely day,
    Pati x

    1. Pati, you're so lovely and always so supportive - thank you. xx

    2. PS. Posie Gets Cozy is also one of my favourites but I haven't come across Saidos da Concha - I shall go and have a jolly good poke right now!!! x

  12. Well, I registered with Instagram but then couldn't work out what to do so I haven't! I love my blog, I don't think about what I'm going to write so in that respect it takes very little time, perhaps 15 minutes to do a post once I've popped the photos on! I spend lots of time though reading blogs, they are so lovely and I love the community that surrounds it! It's hard to balance the time, but I'm not going out painting the town that often these days so I can indulge in a spot of blog reading! :) x

  13. Thank you for such kind words. Seriously, you've made my day. I do like to share moments and i like the way blogging helps me remember and treasure little things.

    I am new to instagram but love it already. I knew I'd have fun playing with the filters and snapping away on my phone but I didn't realise how rewarding the social side of it would be! I am at home all day and, like you, really value those little connections we can make with others. x

  14. Phew, you had me worried there!I love your blog and would hate to lose you. I like the fact that we get a bit more 'meat' in peoples blogs. I've popped in and out of Instagram and for some reason I just can't take to it. I find it a bit cliquey and smug whereas in blogland I think people are more real and honest....God I'll probably get a roasting for that but do you know what??? I don't care! :)Loads of love xxxx

  15. I'm interloping as I've just signed in to say farewell to Vanessa and I wanted to say that I'm hoping that you can keep up to date with both as I'd hate to not be able to see your beautiful pictures anymore. I know that I won't lose you though so that's the main thing. Let me have that date for August. Xxxxx

  16. I am hovering on the brink of Instagram now I have an iPhone, I'm just a) not too confident about sharing that kind of random - although the whippet with hilariously over bandaged head would have been a good place to start if I'd had my wits about me, b) I think, from what friends tell me, that Amanda is right about the dangers of Instagram being cliquey, and c) I worry that it will change my blogging habits, so your post has given me pause for thought. Guess I'll just have to suck it and see!


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