29 August 2013


The children are back at school and I have been

replenishing vases ...

meal planning ...

and restocking ...

*contented sigh*



  1. I cleaned and tidied the house this morning, and it is still tidy!!!

  2. Sounds like bliss xx

  3. Lovely !Sounds like you've had a lovely pootling sort of day.
    Kate x

  4. Your little stoarge jar are so pretty.

  5. Hi Heather, love your Asters and your pretty storage containers. Very healthy they look too.
    Don't think I commented on your Dorset post....it was wonderful, thank you for sharing.
    Jacquie x

  6. Sounds like a perfect day!! Gorgeous pictures :)

    Caroline xx

  7. Sweet Heather, such lovely pictures! The sudden quiet of an empty house. Settling in to a new school year. A tiny bit of time to yourself again. Enjoy! xoxo

  8. Oh those charming storage jars! And lovely you not to brag about them, as I would, but just depict them quietly there full of bona fide dry goods. Happy, happy peace to you.

  9. Those autumn colours are creeping in!

  10. Hi Heather,Love the deep color of the flowers!!!
    Cute little jars!!!Enjoy your kid free morning again!!!

  11. What a lovely happy post. It's inspired me to do a bit of organising but sadly I'm on a late shift today so can't get stuck into much...... Except a bit of crochet maybe hehe.

    Melanie x

  12. Beautiful flower pics Heather and it does sound like a perfect day. Loved reading your last post about your trip to Dorset too (and your Bertie is so handsome!)
    Wishing you a happy weekend,
    Susan x

  13. Oh my, those flowers! They're gorgeous Heather.

    Loved your last post too :)

  14. Lovely post. All the important things, that make you smile :-)

  15. ENJOY, Heather! It's always a little bittersweet when the holidays end but, oh my, those moments of calm are Heavensent, right?


  16. I enjoy days spent pottering and sorting too, very therapeutic.
    M x

  17. Dear Heather,
    I haven't always had the chance to comment on your posts this summer but have read them all and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Your post on Enid Blyton was wonderfully creative and evocative. Even though I am Spanish, I also read her books back then as they were very popular also.
    I used to love the ones about the Twins in St Clare's. Now look forward to reread them when my girls start reading them.
    In a previous post you showed us a lovely small flower bed set that you had purchased and it is funny as around the same time, inspired by the lovely fabrics that Alicia Poulson (posy gets cozy) has, I had been searching for a similar thing for my girls.... I found some lovely ones on the internet and the white company has a beautiful one too but in the end I didn't get any as I didn't really need one now but seing yours made me smile.....
    Seems like you've had a lovely summer, we've had a lovely one too but I am happy to go back to the routine of the house, school, baking cupcakes, crochet, Uni etc...
    Have a sunny day,
    Pati xx

  18. Those straw flowers in your little jug gave me such a happy little remembrance of my childhood. I was sad to put my kids on the bus yesterday, but it is so nice to get back to nesting:)

    Jenn @ JennsCraftyWorld

  19. That sounds like a really good way to spend the day in a quiet house, just pottering and getting things sorted and done in a really satisfying way. Also, don't you have beautiful handwriting. x


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