30 September 2013

Yarndale And Friends

I'm a little sheepish.

(Do you like what I did there?!)

You see, I'm afraid I didn't take many pictures during my jaunt up north to Yarndale.  There was quite simply far too much to look at and absorb, let alone photograph.  My mind is still buzzing!

Plus, I was a bit preoccupied.  I don't know if you remember my telling you, but I was meeting up with two of my favourite blogging friends for the very first time - Cuckoo (Tales From Cuckoo Land) and Emily (Unravelled).

So there I was, standing at the entrance of Yarndale, under crochet-adorned trees, nervously waiting for my pals.  Said nerves disappeared as soon as I clapped eyes on them of course and all I wanted to do was squeeze, squish and poke them both to make sure they were real!

We were so keen to gossip, it was quite hard to focus on all the woolly loveliness surrounding us.

Needless to say, Yarndale was everything I thought it would be and more.  Close your eyes and picture an enormous livestock auction mart.  Now imagine it absolutely crammed to the gunwales with stall after stall of yarn and yarn-related crafts and goodies.  Oh, and people.  And bunting of course.  Miles and miles of the stuff!  Add a very faint whiff of cow poo and you'd be pretty near the mark.

We met and chatted to the lovely and inimitable Lucy of Attic24 in the Knit and Natter Lounge where she was surrounded by her glorious makes and a clamour of folk wanting to speak to her.  She really is like crochet royalty (and quite teeny).

Look, her gorgeous funky lamp in the flesh ...

and her beautiful May Rose Wreath (with a Cuckoo attached) ...

We also said "hello" to the delightful Heather (Patchwork Heart) but sadly, and despite keeping my eyes firmly peeled, I didn't see Jacquie (Bunny Mummy)*, Annie (Knitsofacto) or Gillian (Tales From A Happy House).  Next year I hope?

I naturally managed a couple of purchases.  My only brief was to find some yarn for a cowl, for Blondie Daughter.

"Cream, thick and not itchy please Mummy".

The British Blue Faced Leicester dk wool in 'bluebell' and Alpaca dk in 'sweet pea' are for me.  I haven't quite decided what to make with them yet.  The chunky undyed Alpaca on the right is for the cowl and is the softest, most luxurious yarn I have ever felt and my daughter is absolutely delighted with it.  Mummy did good!

Poor chilly alpaca though!

I had to catch the train back home on Sunday morning and didn't quite have time for a look around Lucy and Tracy's studio, above Coopers Cafe, in Skipton town centre.  Cuckoo and Emily sent me photos though ...

Photos courtesy of Cuckoo.

It really was the loveliest weekend.  I bloody love this blogging business.  Never in a million years did I think it would spill over into real life.

Lucy, you're such an inspiration.  I do hope you're having a well-deserved lie down.
Yarndale, you were fab-u-lous.
Cuckoo and Emily, totally smitten and miss you. xxx

I might just pop off and catch up on Downton Abbey now.  Despite still being quite tired, I'm not worried about having a particularly early night - the children aren't at school tomorrow as their teachers are on strike.  Best to keep my opinions about that to myself I think.

*Jacquie has written a far better account of Yarndale than me, with lots of gorgeous photos; do pop and look if you haven't already.



  1. It looked WONDERFUL! And what a fantastic opportunity to meet Bloggy friends! :) x

  2. It must have been fantastic to meet up with your bloggy friends - to see they are actually real and lovely! Wish I'd managed to get there but judging by the success it must surely be coming back next year. Poor old Alpaca! Jane x

  3. Hi Heather, so sorry to miss you on Saturday.....hopefully next year ?
    Thanks for the link, loved your write up.....wasn't it great.
    Jacquie x

  4. I loved it too. What an experience :)
    Glad I'm not the only one who came away with a couple of skeins of gorgeous squishy yarn but no actual pattern!

  5. Oh wow looks wonderful lots of yarny goodness! Would have loved to have gone myself. Maybe next year I hope :) lovely to see your photos looked brilliant x

  6. By all accounts it was a resounding success. Thank you for giving us a lovely insight into your visit Heather :)

  7. Thanks so much for your lovely post - I really enjoyed my visit! Your yarn looks pretty gorgeous and I bet you can hardly wait to get stuck into it.
    Joy x

  8. HI Heather
    Lovely, lovely post. It was just the best , wasn't it ? I did look out for you but bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack - literally !! It was everything I thought it would be and more. Unfortunately work is getting in the way of my Yarndale post - but I'll grab a few minutes today sometime.
    Kate x

  9. Hmm - teachers striking....let's just say that I'm having to take one of my holiday days, and I have 8 days holiday a year. Not happy :-(

  10. Wasn't it fab!? So much to see it was stall after stall of yarnny delights and meeting lovely bloggers was the icing on the cake. Roll on next year!

  11. Sounds such fun I am very jealous x

  12. Hellooooooooooo! It was a joy to meet you, you three proper made me laugh with your antics! Thanks so much for coming to say hello, and for a super write up here, you've captured it all beautifully. And yes, I am only 5ft 3, so many people thought I would be taller!

  13. Sound like such fun and gorgeous purchases too. No wonder you didn't have many moments to think about photos!

    S x

  14. I was so sorry to have bumped into Cuckoo when she was on her own, not that that wasn't lovely enough, but I knew from Fi that she'd be there with you and Emily. And yes you're right ... no tentacles, just dishevelled hair and a wild look in the eyes ... I think I was suffering from yarn overload by the end of the day! Next year, as you say :)

  15. Such happy memories. I want to do it all over again. Lets start planning!

    I remember seeing that pic of me and exclaiming that I was happy that I looked mental enough. Now I am sober I am cringing a bit! I never learn.

    Your yarn is making me jelly, which is stooopid since I bought enough of my own. You won't know this but Emily IG'd that she has already started her shawl. Hope she begins to blog again.


  16. It looks like you had a fab time, thanks for sharing I've really enjoyed reading everyone Yarndale posts, in everyone I try and spot my bunting pennants, alas I've not seen them yet ;)

  17. Wowee! What a a lovely blog you have! Just discovered you roaming around Yarndale blogs and with such beautiful crochet and a super way with words you've got me hooked! I will be back, that's for sure!


  18. Lovely post, Heather! I enjoyed your colourful pictures of your day at Yarndale and your wondeful description of it all too. I love that they had a real alpaca there :)
    Helen x

  19. Oh you lucky lady - I would have loved to have visited Yarndale, but felt it was a smidge too far to travel (probably just being silly there!). Your photos are wonderful and it's so lovely you finally got to meet some blogging friends too. That alpaca looks divine. Em (Lululoves) xx

  20. Sounds like you had a well good time!!! x x x x


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