16 October 2013

Both Thankful And Inspired

I'll be perfectly honest with you, I wrote my last blog post quite late on Thursday evening, hit 'publish' and went to bed.  I then had a terrible night's sleep - I kept waking up with a thumping heart, wondering if I'd done the right thing by being quite so candid about something so personal.  I came extremely close to getting up and deleting it, I can tell you.

However, your responses moved me more than I can say.  I could bear hug each and every one of you who shared your own experiences and/or sent well wishes.

If by telling my own story, I've encouraged just one person to seek help, then I couldn't be more glad.

Between us, I hope we can fight the stigma that still surrounds mental illness.

Until then, from me to you, a heartfelt ...


It would seem that I have a bit of a 'thing' for crocheted scarves at the moment.  They're so rewarding to make.  They take a fraction of the time and yarn it takes to make a blanket, there's no limit to how creative you can be and you can proudly drape the end result cosily around your neck, biding your time until some generous soul compliments you on it, and proudly (and loudly) proclaim that you 'made it yourself'.  Frankly, I'm thinking along the lines of a scarf for every outfit!

My mind is buzzing with ideas and you creative lot don't help!  I have two of my own scarves on the go at present (a pretty pink and cream striped affair and a soft sage green scarf/shawl thingy which I'm not terribly sure about) but I thought I'd share just a few of my current colourful favourites floating around Blogland.  Some are knitted, some are crocheted.  All are just my cup of tea!

Are you sharing my love affair with scarves?

Oh, that said, I wore my own Fruity Scarf on Saturday when we went into town for some lunch and a browse around the shops.  On the way back to the car, the heavens opened and we got drenched.  Have you ever smelt wool when it's wet?  Ugh!  It wasn't unlike having a smelly, soggy dog wrapped around my neck.

A gratuitous picture of my new bird necklace from said shopping trip ... 



  1. Hi Heather, Another lovely post, I am so glad you got lots of positives from your previous post. I have suffered from OCD for more than 20 years and like you only a handful of people have ever known that I do. I have had a particularly bad time recently and my one escape at times is my sewing room. I love the feeling on a lovely sunny day to shut myself in my room and create something beautiful. I have been teaching myself to crochet and I love it I've got so many images saved that I can't wait to make.
    I wish I could think of a way in which we could turn this into something really positive and find a way to use our crafting skills to help one another and other people with similar problems. I just liked the way today you thanked everyone for there responses but then in the same post spoke so lovingly about your scarfs.
    I think you were very brave and I thank you for telling us your story.
    Have a great day crocheting :)

    1. Bless you Irene, thank you so much. You know, I've been thinking along very similar lines - a sort of 'craft yourself happy' type thing perhaps? I get so much comfort from crochet, like you and your sewing; it really is like therapy. If I'm lying in bed and my thoughts start wandering somewhere I'm not keen, I mentally crochet - does that sound odd? It's a super idea - leave the idea with me and I'll see what I can do! x

    2. I'll get my thinking cap on also I'm sure we can come up with something.
      I often waken early and I do the same thing in fact its often when I come up with some of my best ideas or manage to solve a problem I've had the day before with one of my quilts. x

  2. I'm glad you've had such a postive outcome to you last post, I felt exactly as you decribed when I wrote a piece for ME awareness day on my blog earlier in the year and let it loose into blogland, I was so glad I had done it after a the initial nervousness. Lovyly scarfs too :)
    Clare x

  3. I'm not sure whether you'll believe this or not Heather, but after I read your candid post on depression I did wonder whether you would have a sleepless night about it. I'm not sure how to word this properly but as I read your story it did cross my mind how terribly anxiety inducing this could be for you, putting it all out there, laying yourself bare, and I pondered whether you may have an urge to remove it. I'm so glad you didn't, as I knew you would receive nothing but support for your bravery and honesty. I don't know you personally but felt really proud of you for making yourself vulnerable like that, something few people would dare do. I'd say you've made more of difference than you'll ever know.

    Thank you for including me in your collage. I've caught the scarf bug too. SO many options, SO little time eh?!! xx

  4. Hi Heather
    Without a doubt crochet is therapy for the soul - I have some next to my desk at work for those stressful moments and it works everytime.
    Adore ALL your scarf pictures - you're as bad as me with my dishcloth obsession.
    Kate x

  5. Hi Heather,
    I think you were extremely brave with your last post and I really admire you for that....the response you've had is incredible and just goes to show that you're not alone. I'm totally with you and your admiration for crochet....I am starting to crochet myself, something I've been wanting to do for ages, and my friend's mother-in-law is teaching us all she knows :) So exciting!
    Keep smiling....Caroline xxx

  6. I'm glad you felt able to share and keep the last post.
    Crafting helps me keep stress at bay. I'm particularly loving crochet at the moment, and find that even it's a only a few minutes at the end of the day, that time is all mine, and makes me a much nicer person to be around. x

  7. Hi Heather, I'm new to your blog but loved your fruity scarf - I would love to use that yarn someday but now you say about wet dog smell I'm not so sure... :0) your very brave last post had an effect on me for reasons close to my heart and I appreciate you posting about this difficult subject, well done. And I'm chuffed you have a photo of my granny square scarf up there - what good company I'm in!! Yes I used to be the sewing mistress (still am on Twitter) but changed to betsymakes about a year ago. Take care, Sam xx

  8. Just looking at those images, I realise I'm hideously underscarved and daren't show my face in public until it's partially swathed by something that has that beautifully jaunty handmade look about it. Number 6 really appeals.

  9. It's good to talk about these things, and if it helps just one its worth it! I'm with you on the crochet scarf, I'm hoping to make one...might be for next winter but. I'll make one! :) x

  10. What gorgeous scarves! Puts me in the mood to get something going on my hook! Nope, I've never smelled wet wool...and now I don't think I ever want to! I LOVE your new necklace! xoxo

  11. Thank you so much for including my scarves in your mosaic! I am so pleased and flattered, really, thank you. I really like all the other scarves in your mosaic too and I think I have some sort of obsession going on too as I currently have another two scarves on the go! I have just read your previous post, such an honest and touching post and very brave of you to share.
    Marianne xx

  12. i have just been catching up on blogland, and i must say your last couple of post have touched my heart, depression is such a complicated thing to understand for those who suffer from it and for those who who dont. I have tried my hardest over the last 17 years to understand my husbands depression and even still i can find it hard to deal with. My heart goes out to you for being so honest as you just dont know how other people may react to the D word, even though they are trying to get the word out to make it less of a taboo subject there is still lots of people in this world who still think it as an excuse etc Just to let you know there is nothing to be worried about as the people who have suffered or have helped someone through it will totally understand xxx helen x

  13. I shared your last post with a few people who needed to read your words. I'm going to share this one with my daughters who have both been complaining that they're cold, only snag is, they'll probably expect me to knit their scarves for them!

  14. Thank YOU for being so brave and honest. Together we stand in bad and good. Love our little birdie neckless. I would have instantly bought one if I bumped in to one like that. Scarf on dear Heather. Nothing is better than color therapy and hooking. It clears your mind, makes you focus and the satisfaction and endorphin rush during and after a project is the best drug there is. :D

  15. Hi Heather...I read you're last post and I'm sending you a big hug because it was so positive and inspirational...you will definitely have helped and encouraged others along the way too...You're a star x
    Yes, I'm sharing your scarf love too...I've knitted lots (and lots) of them and now I have all this lovely crochet inspiration...I just need more hours in a day...It's good to dream and make plans though, isn't it? I'm sure I can see one coming along soon...
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x

  16. I love your inspirational collage of scarves! I have #13 saved on Ravelry as a fave and I've been meaning to do it but just never seem to get round to it.

    I'm glad you didn't delete your post about Mental Health otherwise I might not have read it :-) x

  17. Oh, I was quite tickled to see Bella's striped scarf up there! :-)

    I have such a weakness for scarves and wear them quite unnecessarily when it's not really that cold. I like the one in the middle - number 13 - very much as its nice and chunky. x

  18. Your previous post was so very brave and inspiring. Gorgeous Gorgeous scarves...thank you for sharing!! Sarah xo


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