5 January 2014

Sunday Afternoon

I took extra care when setting the table for lunch today.  I lit candles, neatly folded the serviettes and even decanted the horseradish sauce into a pretty bowl.  We had roast beef and all the trimmings.  Brussels sprouts too.  I love Brussels sprouts.  We all do.  D and I even shared a bottle of red wine.  It's back to normality and routine tomorrow.  A nice family lunch draws a neat line under a lovely Christmas, I think.

Forgive the terrible light in my pictures, it's been such a grey day.  I nipped out this morning to buy the ingredients for lunch and came back with a bunch of cheery tulips and some tete-a-tete bulbs.  Since the decorations came down, I've been craving some spring colours.

Over Christmas, I made myself a pair of cosy ribbed wrist warmers in Debbie Bliss' cashmerino aran, in coral.  I'm completely and utterly besotted with that colour at the moment.  I was going to adorn them with small pink and/or yellow roses but, for now, I love them just as they are.  I offer no apology for the shamelessly posed photograph of my mitted hands and the tulip.  It delights and entertains me in equal measure!

Anyway, I've now cleared up after lunch, the dishwasher is humming and I've just hung the last of the PE kit on the radiator, ready for school tomorrow.  I started to make a City Neckwarmer (pattern on Ravelry here) last night and had every intention of carrying on this afternoon but my eyelids are suddenly feeling terribly heavy ...



  1. We just had pizza and chips today. Had a lay in, then spent most of the day taking Christmas Decs down.
    It took most of the day because I had loads outside too. So got a little wet...
    House does look empty now so I think I will do the same as you and introduce some flowers and bulbs.

  2. Happy New Year. What a lovely clean,crisp post after so much Christmas treasure. Hope 2014 is really special fir you. What a great way to start. Beautiful wristwarmers x

  3. Hope you had a good snooze - perfect Sunday afternoon activity in my book.
    Love the pattern for the neck warmer, great minds must think alike as I spent yesterday crocheting a little scarf that I saw on Ravelry too.
    Have a good week Heather,
    Kate x

  4. We had an extra day of holiday break due to snow on Friday so today we're burning off some extra energy by ice skating. Happy Sunday!

  5. Beautiful wrist warmers Heather, such a gorgeous colour! Hope the return to school is smooth.
    Happy new year to you all :)
    Caroline x x x

  6. those wrist warmers are beautiful. Happy New Year!

  7. They are so beautiful, I must treat myself to some spring colour too this week, I love all your photos of 2013 too....here's to a colourful and creative 2014! :) x

  8. I love the shamelessly posed photo! Coordinating nail-varnish too... perfect! Maria x

  9. Such beautiful tulips, like you I love to have bulb in the house this time of year, love the matching wrist warmers and manicure. Happy New Year
    Clare xx

  10. Awww, your day sounds much like mine( except I haven't done any crochet. I love that neck warmer and your wrist warmers...just right for January .
    Jacquie x

  11. Oooooh I love the wrist warmers. What a gorgeous colour too (have just read your last post too and found myself drooling over your baby cashmerino pics too. More lovely colours.) Flowers are a must after decorations are down. My mantelpiece is full of stuff but it still managed to look bare after it was dechristmasfied. I whipped up a little spring green jar cosy and bought some flowers for it. Much better. I was also lucky to be given two bunches of flowers yesterday so now the living room is looking very spring like (even though spring itself is ages away.)
    Lovely catching up with you, as always.
    Much love
    E xxx

  12. What a lovely way to spend the day, and what a great bunch of flowers! Hope you have fun with your new project - eyelids permitting!! xx

  13. Those tulips are so pretty, the darkness and drearyness of winter does make us long for bright colours. Those wrist warmers are very pretty. Clever lady. :)
    Anne xx

  14. Oh my word, I LOVE Brussel Sprouts too! I cannot even understand how someone cannot like them! It's almost annoying that the Bears loves them, 'cos I then get less on my plate! Beautiful tulips, just what is needed to brighten up the dull days at the moment.

    Your wrist warmers are scrummy. I don't think you can ever have too many wrist warmers. I seem to use every pair I have made regularly. They are just the perfect amount of cover on your hands.

    Your day sounds perfect, as days should be.

    Have a super week my friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Happy New Year my dear! Love the crochet and the tulips. I'm on a mission to get some spring flowers in the house today - it always feels sad and empty once the decorations come down doesn't it?! Your meal sounds lovely. We did the same - one last holiday meal before we get back to normality. I have to be honest and say I am enjoying the peace and quiet now though ;-)

  16. Happy New Year To you Heather! for a split second after seeing your first three pictures I thought that spring had arrived!!! Coral and turquoise are 2 of my favourite colours and your wrist warmers are very sweet and lively.
    I look forward to reading your posts this year.
    Pati x

  17. Gorgeous pictures, love your tulip photos and the wrist warmers are beautiful! Wishing you a very Happy New Year, Heather.
    Helen x

  18. Ah, I hope your return to normality hasn't been too stressful... I sometimes have nightmares over missing pe kits!! I love the mitts as and the tulips are glorious. Have a happy week. Emma x

  19. Im a massive sprout fan too! I steam them then chuck em in the frying pan with a bit of panchetta or bacon and some sesame seeds, lush (my Christmas dinner was 2/3 sprouts).
    Love the look of that wool I can imagine its just beautiful to the touch, I think those wrist warmers are just great as they are, simple but so effective. Enjoy your week, its kind of nice getting back to normality isn't it, my kids however are not so keen xx

  20. Your wrist warmers are gorgeous Heather and such a pretty colour too.. (I've just realised I haven't used this shade for a long time)...I've always loved all the Debbie Bliss yarns I've used and this is a real favourite..they're such a lovely quality.
    Your tulips are making me dream of spring but for the moment it's lovely to get a little extra light each day, isn't it?
    Hope you're having a great week and you've had a good start to 2014,
    Susan x

  21. What beautiful flower pictures and of course those wrist warmers in pastel colours are glorious! I love them in the paler colours!


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