3 April 2014

This Week

I'm crocheting a baktus scarf/wrap.  At least, I think I am.  I don't actually know what 'baktus' means.  It may be something to do with the fact that it is worked in one strip, from one end to the other, without a centre seam.  It may also be something to do with the fact that it is supposed to take only one ball of yarn to make, in which case I've been disqualified already as I'm just about to start ball number three.

If you search 'baktus' in Ravelry, you'll find lots of examples (mostly knitted) but this is the pattern I'm using as a guide.  Except I'm not using sock yarn but Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in apple green (adore that colour) and a 5mm hook.  Plus I may have made a few other minor tweaks.  So far, it's just been a lot of double crochet (US single crochet) and very little else but I hope to move on to the edging after tonight.

That is, of course, if nobody minds me removing the remote controls first.  Honestly!  That's exactly how I found my crochet one morning.  No respect!

I've started my cut flower planting in earnest.  I popped a few packets of bulbs in my trolley when I went shopping which have now been planted and I have placed a teeny order for a selection of seedlings which should be delivered in a week or two.  Thank you so much for your cat deterrent advice - Comberspud, I laughed out loud at your lion poo suggestion!  I found some cat pepper at a local hardware shop which, so far, seems to be working magnificently!

I had a lovely Mothers' Day on Sunday.  I say lovely, it was pretty low-key but the bickering was minimal which was definitely a treat.  Blondie Daughter wrote me a beautiful poem inside a handmade card and Blondie Son presented me with a bunch of flowers.  They're already looking a little tired but I'm going to squeeze every minute out of them - one day soon it won't be me he's buying flowers for.  Sad face.

I've hauled my little case of spring/summer shoes down from the top of the wardrobe and am officially in 'shoe transition' phase.  My winter boots haven't been put away yet; they're still in easy reach but so now are my pretty slip-ons.  I don't have lots of shoes but, without fail, I forget what I do have and opening the case is always a little bit like a shoe-Christmas!  It's quite hard knowing what to wear at this time of year.  Would you believe I was gardening in a vest top at the weekend?  I'm chuffing freezing today.



  1. Oh heather you make me laugh ....I love that you're in shoe transition phase - it made me giggle ! I know exactly what you mean though, just don't quite dare put the Uggs away, but had flip-flops on the other day.
    Loving the look of your crochet, and the green is gorgeous, I think I'm in the middle of a bit of a green phase at the moment.
    Ooh and nearly forgot to say, gorgeous new header, you've been so busy !
    Have a good week, come and visit soon,
    Kate xxxx

  2. Ooooo, LOVE your shoes! Yes, my heart too skips a wee beat when I open up my pretty summer slip-ons...don't get quite the same rush of love when I pull out my array of suede winter boots in shades of brown and grey...pretty littel baktus/scarf thingy, I love that shade of green, too. And lovely Mother's Day gifts, lucky lady! Chrissie x

  3. Love your crochet, such a lovely colour green, and those shoes are lovely! Can't wait for my summer shoes to be on the rack instead of winter boots!!
    Caroline xxx

  4. It is now 30 degrees by mid day in central Mexico so I have reluctantly put my boots away and am
    Moving onto summer shoes, I love my boots.

  5. Your crochet is beautiful, I love the colour. It deserves far more respect!! I know what you mean about shoe transition, my boots are still close at hand and not put away, but I have been wearing one pair of pumps for the last week or so and no boots, so probably time for them to go away and the rest of my shoes to come out!! Can't keep wearing one pair all summer long!! Hope that you enjoy your crochet border work, and I look forward to seeing how it gets on! xx

  6. I love the idea of a shoe transition phase, but I find I still can't go without comfy socks and 'man shoes' (attractive!), even in the summer-like days we've had recently. Love your summer shoes. Hope the remote controls are now keeping a respectful distance from your lovely crochet. Enjoy your weekend.
    Jane x

  7. Hi Heather! I really like your outfit! :) Last fall I think I remember you writing how sad you were to be putting your summer shoes away. I can see why looking at just how adorable they all are! ...Your crochet is looking so pretty. That's going to be a lovely wrap. Have a fun weekend sweetie! ♥

  8. Glad I could raise a smile! ;) I'm with you on the shoe transition, I've had just about enough of winter footwear, but it's not quite warm enough for the flip flops here yet! Love that green you're using for your shawl. Am thinking I might try a wee shawl in the next month or two to wear at night round the fire when we're camping.

  9. I wondered what was going on with the remotes and the crochet! I was wondering if you were planned to make something in some way relating to them and my mind was boggling as to what the plan might possibly be?! A scarf sounds much better though. Love your new blog header by the way, very pretty!

    S x

  10. Lovely post and your shoe collection looks adorable x


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