3 November 2014

Mostly Yellow

D's been baking again.  He makes me laugh by creating a little vignette for me to photograph.  Ummm, is this my blog or his?!

Prettiest Liberty buttons for a little cardigan-pimping from my lovely friend Cathy's Etsy shop.

Thank you so very, very much for your comments in response to my last post.  My smile got broader with each one.  In fact, I've just read them all over again and my heart is soaring with the camaraderie of fellow bloggers and commenters alike.  It's official - you're wonderful!  Let us give no more air time to those who aren't.

Oh, Emma, you asked about the yarn pictured in my last post - it was Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk dk in 'Duckie'.  It really is the most gloriously sunny yellow colour and a bit of a favourite at the moment.

So keen was I to thank you, I didn't really formulate a proper post.  As usual though, I've been taking the odd photograph throughout the course of the week and, rather fortuitously, there seems to be a bit of a colour theme so please forgive me for being a bit lazy and running with it?! ;-)

In other news, I've finally opened an Etsy shop.

My very first pattern, Miss Read Mitts, will be available for purchase tomorrow.  I've made quite heavy weather of getting everything just-so and would be lying if I said I wasn't a teensy bit moist with apprehension!  Once I'm happy there are no glitches, my second pattern, Be Creative Mitts, will be available for sale a few days later.  Followed closely by my Sarah Scarf.

And breathe …



  1. Mmm, that's a nice looking cake, clever boy. Good luck with your Etsy shop. CJ xx

  2. I hope that your shop goes really well for you. Are the mitts name after Miss Read the writer? I have all and love all of the Miss Read books. xx

  3. Sarah Scarf........I shall have to have that one!!!! Can't wait, wishing you all the luck with your Etsy shop Heather! Sarah xo PS that Duckie is a gorgeous yellow xo

  4. Such a pretty post! I love those buttons and can imagine them on a cardigan, lovely. Good luck with your Etsy shop, I'm sure you will do very well.
    Marianne x

  5. Sunshine Yellow!!! Mellow Yellow!!! Yellow!!!!! Always puts a smile on your face, doesn't it!!! Hope your little shop will take off like wild fire!!!!!! Have a happy week!!!

  6. Enterprising you! Good luck with the etsy shop, and may the yellow bring you cheery fortune.

  7. A lovely, sunny post Heather! Thank you for mentioning my buttons - now get pimping that cardi!! Good luck with the Etsy shop - I'm looking forward to seeing your new patterns xxx

  8. Squeeeaaaalllll - how exciting Heather, your very own Etsy shop ! It will of course be absolutely perfect - how could it not be ? Loving all the yellow - it definitely brings a smile to your face.
    Happy Tuesday,
    Kate xx

  9. I love your photos and am looking forward to visiting your shop. I also have button envy and am eyeing up my cardigan collection for a bit of pimping.

  10. Ooohhh im watching for the patterns I need these quite badly XX


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