13 February 2015

You're Awesome



Thank you sooooo much for your comments, messages and emails.  I'm replying to every one so please keep an eye on the comments section in my last post or your inbox.

It's hard to articulate just how grateful, consoled, inspired and motivated I feel because of you.

Oh, and for the record, Pink Milk isn't going anywhere, whatever else happens in my life!

I promise to keep you posted but, for now, wheels are in motion and I must admit to the occasional frisson of excitement about the next phase.  (Teensy bit of terror too!)

Normal service will resume very shortly.  Until then, have a wonderful weekend and thank you again.

You're completely and utterly awesome.



  1. I was blown away by the honesty in your last post and am delighted that you intend to keep blogging. Good luck in all your endeavors, crafting and otherwise!

  2. :) Wishing you a happy, relaxed weekend. x

  3. Exciting times for you! Hope you have a great weekend. x

  4. Exciting times Heather :) Lots of luck and best wishes for whatever comes next.), and I'm glad you will still be blogging :)

  5. Good to hear that you'll keep blogging, and I wish you all the best on your exciting new adventure. Have a good break :)
    Cathy x

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  7. Hi, as a woman of 59 I can tell you most woman tend to go through a lot in there 40's It's a prime time in a woman's life where they begin to question everything about themselves. I was a stay at home mother, as one we tend to lose ourselves in family, we lose our identity because we forget about us. What will we do when there is no longer anyone to care for..it's also when most divorces occur when woman leave because they want more. Please don't do that it would be merely because you feel lost within yourself. The best thing you can do is start focusing on yourself it's not selfish to do so. Start taking baths to relax pamper yourself, write down questions you are asking yourself and respond how your feeling now. A journal really helps. As an empty nester myself, one thing I know for sure if you write it down it does help. Everything you are feeling is normal you will find yourself in time even though right now your a bit lost. We all have to get lost first before we find ourselves. After all nothing was ever learned without going through a storm first, for after, the rainbow shines in many colors. Hang in there it does change and you will love it when it does.

  8. love and see you soon...have happy week...I wait yuo ando your lovely post!!Smack

  9. Hi I am new to your blog,I really love it and you are so talented.I read your last post,thought it was very well written right from the heart and well done you for sharing all that you fee.Like so many others have said in various ways,we can identify with you.I wish you all the very best in your future,you go girl you CAN make it happen.So,PLEASE stay blogging as I LOVE it.Huge Hugs xx


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Anyone ever told you that you're a peach? xx