22 September 2015

It Grows ...

This isn't my ‪#‎happyscrappyscarf‬ ... it's a path to a magical land where the sun always shines, where balls of yarn in rainbow colours grow on trees, where stitch markers tinkle in the gentle breeze, where unicorns with shimmering coats gambol, where an ice cold Pinot Grigio waterfall flows, where beautiful men* are always on hand to untangle knots or massage tired shoulders, where ends weave themselves in, spiders don't exist and EVERYBODY knows the difference between knitting and crochet!!!


*or women, your choice


  1. Beautiful! Just wonderful!
    And if you ever get to that land, please show me the way!!!!

  2. I think that path leads to a wonderful place. :) Your pictures makes me want to pick up some yarn and get to work. Love it.
    xx Beca

  3. It is beautiful, how do you get your edges so neat, I always struggle with mine.

    1. Thank you Linda. Umm, it might be that I always turn and then chain one, rather than chaining at the end of a row before turning, plus I make sure my chain is quite tight. :-)

  4. A crochet-highway to heaven! I like this idea very much!

  5. I just love those soft pastel colours!

  6. Oh that's a happy place indeed. I do so love double crochet, and your lovely colours too. Nicely done. CJ xx

  7. Sounds like bliss..... Lovely colours and yarn. Pati xx

  8. It is beautiful!!! Oh, and what is this difficulty with knitting and crochet, I get told that I am knitting all the time - no, it is a hook and there is only one. That means crochet, not knitting! xx

  9. It's Wonderland, no doubt
    Lovely, lovely scarf!
    Hugs from Portugal

  10. Loving the colours, but loving your dreamland more!!

  11. Beautiful colours, and I do like the sound of a Pinot Grigio fountain :)

  12. Magical land indeed! I think I might have to go visit this place. I adore how this scarf is looking, ooh that deep raspberry you've popped in there! Yes, yes, yes! Fabulous! Sorry, becoming incoherent with excitement and joy at the sight of it! You also seem to have started a ! epidemic! Ok, will go and lie down and try to calm myself....

    S x


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