30 January 2010

The Proudest Mum In The World!

I could burst ...

Am I allowed a bit of self-indulgent smuggery and unadultered maternal pride?

Just this once?

We found out this morning that the Grammar School has offered our beautiful, clever blondie son a scholarship for academic excellence!!!

He's worked so hard - he had exams in all academic subjects in November, sat another gruelling 4 hour exam at the beginning of January and then had to go for a 50 minute interview.

All at just-turned 11 years old.

Baby boy, I am officially the proudest Mum in the whole wide world.



  1. Welldone Master Milk, that is a brilliant achievement, no wonder your Mum is smiling from ear to ear!

    Sarah x

  2. How wonderful! I'm not surprised you are so proud :)

  3. That is brilliant!!! Well done to him!! I'd say that deserves a treat?!!
    And a very big thank you for helping out with names!!
    I like sockbod - it's one I had looked at but wasn't sure about mentioning the socks!! But they are proud of their sock heritage so maybe!! Thanks again and a big pat on the back to your lovely son. xxxx

  4. He looks a very intelligent young chap - Woof x


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