6 February 2010

Bit Poo ...

I've been a bit of a crafty butterfly this week - flitting from one thing to another; alighting only briefly before moving on to something else.  I don't think I have actually completed any one thing.  Shall I make jools?  Shall I make a plaque?  Shall I fiddle with felt and fabric?  Shall I get my watercolours out?


Do you ever go through these phases?

I haven't even managed to complete a blog posting.  I have however been popping in and out of my favourite blogs, leaving the odd message and enjoying all of your creativity and achievements though.

Take today for example ...

I've emptied the dishwasher, washed the school uniforms, fed whoever wanted feeding, delivered and collected blondie son to and from tennis, delivered and collected blondie son from Mega Zone party (yuk, those places are minging - why do they always smell of feet?) and that's about it.

I've taken all my sewing machine 'tools' out, tried to work out what each bit is or does, given up and packed them away again.  I've selected half a dozen items of clothing to sell on eBay, hung them provocatively on hangers to photograph, put two back into my wardrobe because they looked so nice and I might just wear them again after all (!) and then decided I wasn't in the mood.  Poo.

I have managed a couple of purchases this week (naturally).

Another Sascalia print from Etsy (I think I'm addicted) ...

Isn't it gorgeous?

My 4 year old nephew had what was supposed to be a straightforward operation at the beginning of the week.  The poor little soul struggled a bit and ended up in intensive care which was obviously a huge worry but, long story short, he's now home and on the mend.  He's big into dogs at the moment so look what we've bought him ...

It's a Jellycat Cordy Roy dog!!!  He's so soft you can almost scrunch him into a ball!

One thing I have done this week is put together my little package for the Folksy Valentine Heart Swap I'm taking part in hosted by my pal noodleBubble.  It has to include a heart and be handmade.  I know next to nothing about my gift's recipient so I've made her a necklace; hope she likes her jools ...

That's it for now.  A glass of wine and my jimmies are beckoning ;-)

Enjoy your evening.


PS. Thank you so much for the comments after my last entry - you're lovely you are! x


  1. Hey Mrs! Your blog title made me laugh before I even got here....a bit of poo? Turned out no real poo. My mind is warped!!!
    Yes I DO have phases, weeks, days of half doing everything. Comes with having too much to do I say!
    Hope you enjoyed your evening!
    Glad your nephew is on the mend!

  2. the print IS gorgeous !!!
    just found your blog and how lovely it is too so I am off to explore :-)
    Lesley x

  3. you're quite right ... i do love it! i was going to save it to wear at a valentine's poetry night we're going to but, being the child i am, couldn't wait that long so i'm wearing it as we speak, thank you soooooooo much!

  4. in fact i loved it so much i blogged about it! i've put in a link to your blog and also your folksy shop - hope this is ok?

    (hope you don't mind but i also lifted the pic from your blog as my camera is on the blink at the moment).

    p.s. congrats on your son's scholarship :)

    p.p.s love your 'roll on the summer' pic - it makes me grin every time i see it.


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