9 February 2010

Pssst ...

Look what I posted for blondie daughter today ...

Aah, young love!

To give her her due, its recipient is the same as last year so she's nothing if not loyal at the age of eight!

Unfortunately, I forgot it had a heart-shaped chocolate lollipop in it and placed it on the front passenger seat in my car when the botty warmers were on!!!  Dare say it'll taste the same?!

Talking of which, do you have any plans for Valentines' Day?

Handsome hubby and I will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary.  I know, I know, teensy bit cheesy but when Valentines' Day fell on a Saturday in 1998 it felt like it was meant to be!  We now get terribly possessive of 'our day' and antsy about sharing it with everybody else!  However, we will be going out for a romantic Sunday lunch with the smooching masses.  I'll do anything for roast beef and yorkshire pudding ;-)

Incidentally, there's a hole in the market for 'Happy Anniversary To My Valentine' cards - we can't be the only ones!  Any gifted card makers out there?  I'll be your first customer!

I always get handsome hubby two cards; a funny or rude and a soppy or rude.  This is the funny ...

The other one is for our eyes only I'm afraid, tee hee!

Well, I've been a very busy bee today but my mind does tend to wander while I'm a whirlwind of domesticity so I'll leave you with a choice few of those questions I've been pondering ...

How inexpensive do your pillows have to be before you replace them rather than wash and tumble them?  (Think my tumble dryer is about to explode!)

Why do men think that the amount of tummy button fluff they produce is a measure of how manly they are and do they realise quite how creepy women find it?

Will I ever be able to crochet?  I'm an intelligent girl but seem completely incapable of working out how to treble in the fourth chain from the hook? :-{

My little brother is getting married in Poland at the end of July.  What will the weather be like?  Should I be thinking sheer and floaty or minimum exposure and cosy???

Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed.



  1. I always thought that getting married on Valentine's day was one of those urban myth thingies and didn't actually happen; you proved me wrong. Enjoy your lunch! At least it's more romantic than the middle Friday in January 2006 when your now brother-in-law could come over form Australia and be Best Man because the harvest was over. We were together nine years before we got married so it didn't seem right to be picky over times of the year. I liked having a winter wedding, it was a good excuse to buy a Brora cashmere cardi to wear with my dress. I love a cardi and it cost more than the rest of my outfit.
    The pillow thing tickled me. I was thinking just the same thing last week when changing the cases. Trying to remember if they were fancy or cheap John Lewis. I don't have a tumble dryer and the hassle of taking them elsewhere......
    I have no idea about Polish weather but Carrie at Crafty Creations of Carriemariah (link from my blog list) makes THE MOST GORGEOUS fascinators. Perfect for a wedding outfit.
    Told you I was one for blethering!!

  2. I think that's all sooooo romantic ( except the bit about tummy fluff eughhhhhh!!) I know exactly what you mean about crocheting though - took me ages and ages then suddenly clicked. Have a look here - this is really good - http://meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com/2010/01/craft-challenge-granny-day-2010-and.html
    And keep going!! xx

  3. Thank you for your visit to my blog :) I definately have a testing 8 year old goodness knows what the teenage years will be like ...... Keep trying with the crochet - crafting doesn't come naturally to me and if I can learn crochet anyone can ! Happy anniversary for Sunday :) x

  4. Just realised I have my 12th wedding anniversary this year as well !

  5. Keep trying with the crochet and can you design your own card with moonpig or Hallmark? I see they have started online cards... I somtimes wonder if my machine could cope washing a double duvet... but I think I really should take it to the laundrette... I just hope my car isn't on bricks with the wheels missing when I get back...lol

    x Alex

  6. Your daughter's valentine - cute :-)

    Can't bring myself to comment on the belly button fluff - just look away ;-)

    Once you get crochet, it's easy-peasy. You tube is great for watching how to do it - over and over. Good luck.


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