12 February 2010

My Name Is Peach ... Please Take Care Of Me x

Look who I got as part of the Folksy Valentine Swap ...

I absolutely love her!

Her name is Peach and I promise I'll look after her Nat's Nest!

Thank you so much for my other bits too.  Blondie daughter has earmarked the bunny hairslide but Peach is definitely ALL MINE!

Peach wasn't my only lovely surprise yesterday.  Blondie daughter went to a pottery painting birthday party and made this for me ...

It's sooo pretty - all my favourite colours - perfect for my morning tea.

She even painted an 'M' inside for Mummy lest I forget!!!

Ooh, talking of morning tea, what did you have for lunch today?  I had mushrooms on toast with liberal dribblings of lemon juice and grindings of black pepper ...

Yummy ...

Hey ... what's that lurking behind the plate?

Ahem ..!

Thank you Fatcatfelt for your lovely comments and blog posting; I'm thrilled to bits that you love the necklace I sent you as part of the Valentine Swap.

Thanks to you too for all the encouragement and tips regarding my crocheting inability in response to my last post!  V For Violet, I can't believe how much you have done since it recently 'clicked' for you!  You're churning out a rainbow of beautiful granny squares like nobody's business!  I need that to be me!  I'm some way off 'clicking' but, teeny breakthrough, my attempts last night did vaguely resemble the picture I was copying!!!  Trust me, if and when I 'click', I shall post a photo on my blog before you can say "foundation chain"!

I bought the prettiest fabric recently and have been fiddling ...

I've made a lavender heart, a hairslide and a couple of brooches.  I can't show you any more than the above because they may form part of upcoming birthday pressies ;-)

I'll leave you with this lovely picture of my papery Narcissus flowers - they may look fragile but they are filling the kitchen with a beautiful heady aroma at the moment ...



  1. That's a great blog post! What a gorgeous gift from NatsNest too :D Is that a print in the background with the birds? Just beautiful.

    I made a necklace for the Heart swap too ^_^

  2. Hi Heather! (Big wave back!) :)
    Thank you for following my blog and for saying hello! It is always lovely to meet new blog friends. I will be following your blog too so we can be in touch more often.
    Have a wonderful weekend and a sweet Valentine's day. xx

  3. What heavenly goodies you have received! They are gorgeous & I really love the heart you have made! Very pretty! x

  4. I'm so pleased you love Peach - she was a little nervous when I packed her safely in her traveling box! I thought your daughter would like the hairclip too :D Aw, valentines love xx

  5. What pretty pictures! And the name of your blog is sweet. Pink milk reminds me of summertime and drinking strawberry milkshakes. MMMMMMmmmmm!!!!!!

  6. ooh mushrooms on toast, i haven't had that in aaaaages! even though it's ten pm i'm now hungry :)


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