4 March 2010

Giveaway Result!!!

... to you all for entering my first little '3 month bloggiversary' giveaway!

Now, here's the box all ready to post ...

Teeny apology first - I wasn't happy with the seal on the tube of pink Smarties (one of the pieces of tape holding the lid closed had come off so it could open freely).  I made an executive decision not to include it and so whizzed out to the shops and bought a pink Smartie easter egg as a replacement!!!

Anyway, I was thrilled that 15 of you lovely ladies joined in ...

You each had your own pink heart which was folded up and put in a bowl.  After a shake, the winner picked out was ...

Lesley from Notes From My Days!

Yaay!!!  Well done Lesley!  Please let me have your details via email to pinkmilk@btconnect.com and this box will be on its way to you.

Thanks again for joining in, I shall definitely do another, it was such fun.

Have a lovely afternoon!



  1. Congratulations to the winner!! I hope the executive didn't eat the Smarties!!

  2. Ha ha ha! I'll be honest with you, we did have a very blond inquisition because said Smarties have been sitting in my craft room for a week and I hadn't noticed a problem before ... both denied any involvement ... hmmm.


  3. Oh I am tickled pink ;) thank you so much !


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