5 March 2010

Please Will You Vote For Me?

Dear Bloggers,

Today I am featured on the White Stuff website in the Pets Win Prizes competition.

Please will you vote for me?

I'm on the sixth row down.

I'd be woofily grateful.

Love 'n' sniffs,

Bertie Spaniel x

PS.  It's my birthday tomorrow - I'll be 2.


  1. Done!! Happy Birthday for tomorrow!! I am so impressed by your computer skills!!! have a great weekend!!

  2. You would have been proud Bertie, I ignored all the cats and being more of a cat lover, it was quite hard. Good Luck!
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

  3. All done, and have a happy birthday cutie thing!

  4. Thanks for sending your photo of Bertie and spreading the word. Good luck!

    White Stuff

  5. Why of course! You are one cute dog! x

  6. Thanks so much. I send you all big sloppy Chum-flavoured kisses Bxxx

  7. will do... HBappy birthday for tomorrow... hope you get a nice squeaky toy to drive those pet people of yours crazy!

    by the way Bertie... I am intrigued... what kinda spaniel are you? as you are very handsome...

    x Alex

  8. I am a working cocker spaniel but most people think I am a small springer! Bx

  9. Oh how sweet, bless him. I will pop off to vote right now. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
    My brother has a lovely girl friend who I think keeps him on track. Also after a series of him forgetting my birthday I "forgot" his one year. I hated it but it has worked wonders Heehee.
    Have fun,
    Rachael XX

  10. How can you not vote for him he's gorgeous I hope he wins. Just popped in to say hello I have enyoyed your blog and will visit again.
    Please call in and visit if you have time.


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